Tow truck lead generation case study

  • August 17, 2023
  • obm
  • 4 min read
Tow truck lead generation case study

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Google Ads remains a powerful tool for generating leads and driving business growth.

Let’s look at a situation; your vehicle breaks down, you pull over on the side of the road.

What’s the first thing you will do? Either call your insurance company or you will open Google and type “vehicle recovery near me”.

This is where you want your business to appear at the top of Google.

Tapping into this potential for a vehicle towing business can yield impressive results, as demonstrated by our recent campaign that generated 55 leads in just 30 days, all for £13 each.

In this case study, we’ll walk you through the strategic steps we took to achieve this remarkable success.

Campaign segmentation: Targeting Essex & Kent

Understanding the importance of local targeting, we strategically divided our efforts into two separate campaigns – one targeting Essex and the other targeting Kent.

This segmentation allowed us to allocate budgets precisely and tailor our messaging to cater to each region’s audience.

Building keyword groups for targeted reach

In each campaign, we carefully crafted keyword groups encompassing a range of relevant terms potential customers might use in their searches. For instance, in the Essex campaign, keywords such as “vehicle towing Essex,” “emergency tow service in Essex,” and “24/7 towing Essex” were organised into groups.

This structure allowed us to create highly relevant ad copies and landing pages, thus increasing the overall quality score.

Optimising keyword groups for improved ad scores

Quality Score is crucial in Google Ads campaigns, influencing your ad’s position and cost per click.

To enhance our Quality Scores, we continually refined and optimised our keyword groups.

This involved using ad extensions, relevant ad copy, and landing page improvements to create a cohesive user experience.

By doing so, we were able to lower our cost per click, which increased the number of clicks and leads.

Implementing a comprehensive negative keyword list

One of the most effective ways to save budget and minimise wasted clicks is by incorporating a comprehensive negative keyword list. We meticulously compiled a list that included terms like “for sale,” “calculator,” and “towbar.”

Although these keywords are related to towing, they often attract irrelevant clicks that don’t lead to conversions.

We ensured our budget was spent on genuine potential leads by excluding such terms.

Creating urgency with compelling ad copy

We integrated emergency discounts and urgency-inducing language into our ad copies to drive immediate action.

Phrases like “Get Immediate Assistance,” “24/7 Emergency Towing,” and “Special Discounts for Urgent Situations” captured users’ attention and motivated them to click on our ads, boosting our click-through rates and overall lead count.

Continual optimisation for long-term success

Our success continued beyond achieving 55 leads in 30 days. We recognised the importance of ongoing optimisation to keep our campaigns performing at their peak. Regularly monitoring and adjusting keyword bids, ad copy, and negative keyword lists allowed us to adapt to changing user behaviour and search trends, ultimately leading to more leads and conversions.


In the dynamic realm of Google Ads, a strategic and detail-oriented approach can yield remarkable results for businesses like vehicle towing services.

By dividing campaigns by region, building focused keyword groups, optimising for better Quality Scores, implementing a robust negative keyword list, and crafting compelling ad copy, we achieved 55 leads in just 30 days at only £13 each. With ongoing optimisation efforts, we continue to drive success for our clients and look forward to surpassing even more significant milestones in the future.


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