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One Base Media is a web design company with a
passion for design & developing beautiful creations

Website Packages Essex

Professional, fully responsive and mobile friendly web design in Essex tailored to accurately represent your company’s background, interest, and services.

Search Engine Optimisation

In one simple sentence, this means getting your website found on all major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

PPC Advertising – AdWords

PPC Campaigns in Google AdWords. Take advantage of the largest search engine and its auction-based online advertising program.

Social Media Marketing

Get seen across social networks by 1000’s of potential customers. Create a strategy to attract and maintain relationships with your core audience.

Logo & Brand Design

Your company’s branding is what sets you apart from your competitors. It is important to promote a brand that is both distinctive and reflective of your business’ ethos.

E-Mail Marketing

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Email remains one of the most direct, targeted online routes to your existing and potential customers. Quick, easy and personal, email is the workhorse of any digital strategy.

Website Hosting

You want to build your online presence but you don’t have a registered domain, hosting & professional email addresses? The good news? OBM’s got you covered.

SEO Copywriting

If you want to promote your website, blogging is the way forward. In fact, small businesses that blog see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t.

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Case Study


Dear One Base Media,

I am writing to comment on the professional way that you have dealt with our website. From the moment that we made contact with your company there has been virtually no hick ups with the daunting prospect of getting to the top of Google etc.

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The web designers were outstanding applying them selves to our every whim. Also the guys explained the right ways to push our site up the rankings using the search engine optimisation. Consequently we have managed to push our company within a very short space of time to become one of the leading tree surgery companies in the Essex area. This is due to our web site. Well done guys we couldn’t have done it with out you. Many thanks.

Acer Tree Services


"I was recommended by H’s Skip Hire as I have recently just started my business. I went down to the office and sat with Grace who explained everything to me and was very helpful. I now have a logo and a website which I am very happy with and would recommend them to my friends and family."

− Only Essex Ironing

"Needed a website to show off my work for potential clients and they done a really decent job. I am not very good with computers so it’s great I can go down to the office when I need something done. Offer free changes as well so it don’t cost me like it did before to put my new work online. Cheers guys."

− Grand Drives and Patios

"I was very happy with all the staff that I dealt with, I can be a pain and they made it very easy for me to make changes, no grief what so ever. The website design was excellent. Very approachable company!"

− Hambelton’s Kitchens

"I went with One Base Media because I felt their websites stood out and that’s exactly how I feel about the website they have done for me. They are a local company to me which is what I wanted. Very friendly staff that have done everything I have asked and needed. Been with them over a year now and have had no problems at all."

− Shaylnn Cattery and Pet Centre

"They are an efficient web design company and happy with the turn out of my website. At first was worried if what I wanted would get done and it did! Thanks."

− Conti Catering

"We built our previous website ourselves so it has made it a lot easier whilst being with One Base Media as we only have to call or email for changes where before it was time consuming and difficult.
People comment on the look of our website all the time, we are really pleased with the web design! The main reason we went with them was their background knowledge in optimising which is what our previous website design companiy was lacking."

− Hamilton Boutique Hotel

"I had an appointment with a field’s agent at One Base Media, the gentleman gave me all the information I needed. Like the website and colour scheme, done a good job."

− Contact Ceilings

"They always give me help when I need it, for my site and advise on other advertising. Always get to speak to the same person not being passed left, right and centre. Reasonable priced with no extras Involved. Been with them for a few years now just about to give my website an update."

− High Oaks