8 Ways to Use Web Videos to Help Your Business Grow

  • September 6, 2017
  • obm
  • 5 min read
8 Ways to Use Web Videos to Help Your Business Grow

Video production is becoming increasingly popular as a main method of communication with customers and potential prospects.

The production of a video is something that can be done in-house or outsourced, and there are two reasons it has quickly become a marketer’s media tool;

  • Videos are interactive and engaging.
  • Video is persuasive.

So, if you’re wondering the different ways you can use web videos to help your business grow here are 8 ways to do so.

Customer Testimonials.

Using web videos to show customer testimonials off is popular and the potential for business growth is very high.

For potential prospects, nothing is more compelling than hear the business customers tell you how they felt about the product or service. So, doing a video with a few is even better, as more can be shown through body language and the tone of someone’s voice.

The videos can last up to a minute, it’s all up to you, they could be fifteen second snippets, thirty second snippets or whatever you really want to do and what you feel is going to portray your business best.

Product Presentations.

Product presentation videos will focus on the benefits of your product/service and talk from your customers perspective.

They should express clearly how they solve a specific problem that a potential prospect may be experiencing. Product presentation videos are used by many businesses to help customers and prospects know the difference between the benefits of your products or services compared to your competitors.

This kind of idea is very popular among lots of businesses and the growth potential for your business is very high, so it’s a way of using video that you should consider.

Video Advertisement.

Marketers are becoming more selective in how they chose to spend their money. Video advertisement is very popular and is very good for business growth.

So marketers have realised that spending the money on video advertisement because of the popularity and that spending the money would be worthwhile for business growth.

You can use them to advertise products or services, advertise a customer testimonial, and many more. Content is key for video advertisement, without good content the video advertisement won’t be as successful.


People are very interactive nowadays and like to see content that is more interactive then just regular written content. So by adding an interactive video along with your blogging content it makes for a better user experience and read.

It’s very important to be interactive with your visitors, as it shows that you care about their experience on your website. So a video in your blog would be very good for business growth.

Behind the Scenes Video.

These types of videos can be very interesting to customers and potential customers, people like to see what goes on behind closed doors in a business.

Your video can something fun or more corporate, that decision is down to you. For example some businesses will put fun videos on their social media like team events or activities they have done, whereas you could decide to put more corporate videos on your website of the office inviting people to come down.

Either way visitors love to see behind the scenes information about the businesses they will potentially be putting their trust in or already have put their trust in.

Introduction Videos.

Video is becoming a key component in how you ‘sell’ your business, and introductory videos can help potential prospects understand a little more about you.

Prospects like to learn about the business before they decide to buy the product for them, it’s part of their buying journey.

Introduction videos can be put anywhere, marketers are using them on the businesses website, on their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram.

Marketers have realised that customers and potential prospects do a lot of research before buying and that includes searching them on channels they may not have searched for a few years back, so they have started putting introduction videos on social media channels too.

Which is why introduction videos are popular among marketers and is great for business growth.


Many businesses spend a fair amount of their marketing budget on attending and participating in a variety of different events to grow their business.

So, sharing what your business does and how you can help potential prospects through video is interactive and interesting for the people at the event.

It gives your business the opportunity to express itself through a visual avenue rather than a boring speech all the time. You are more likely to gain growth and popularity through different avenues of expression than the normal avenues that everyone is doing.

Video Emails.

It has been tried and tested that the open rate of emails double if a video is included in your email marketing activities.

But you need to make sure the video reflects the purpose of the email, if the video doesn’t reflect the purpose the email then it’s wasted time and money for your business.

Embedding a video into emails has seen a rise and is becoming increasingly popular among marketers and will definitely have an impact on your business growth.


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