4 Sure Fire Advantages Of Advertising On Facebook

  • February 17, 2016
  • obm
  • 3 min read
4 Sure Fire Advantages Of Advertising On Facebook

The continuous reduction of the organic scope (reach) of Facebook pages has left many companies wondering if it is worth investing in this well renowned social network that is home to a billion users around the world. Facebook Ads allows just about anyone to promote anything. And all this by paying only for received clicks (CPC or cost per click), a system similar to Google Adwords. But, what benefits can you get as an advertiser using the different options offered by Facebook?

We have identified the following 4 advantages of advertising on Facebook:

1. It is the most powerful social network.

Facebook remains the social network with the most number of users. It also has users in almost any part of the world. This data allows an ad to reach amasses and provides you with a huge scope to publicise your business page on Facebook.

2. Provides a viral based on the recommendations of the contacts themselves.

Part of the advertising formats that can be launched on Facebook are based on one of the cornerstones of social networks: the recommendation from friends of users.

3. Allows you to address your specific audience through advanced segmentation.

One of the great advantages of advertising on Facebook is the ability to harness the power of segmentation of the audience you want to reach.

Facebook does not use keywords to manage ads but focuses on the analysis of the profile of the audience you want to reach. So are your interests that determine the persons to finally show each ad.

The segmentation options that Facebook offers are:

  • Location: You can target sites by country, state or province, city and zip code.
  • Demographics: It takes into account criteria such as age, gender, relationship status, training or the workplace.
  • Interests: Identifies different audiences based on their interests, hobbies or pages that they’ve liked on Facebook.
  • Behaviour: It takes into account the devices from which you access or your buying habits, for example.
  • Other advanced topics include – Customised audiences: You decide for each campaign if you want to go to your current customers or exclude them altogether.

4. It does not require a major investment.

To start using Facebook ads, you do not need to pour in a high investment. In fact, one of its greatest advantages is that, as with Adwords, you decide how much you spend every day and every season. After creating the ad and choosing the profiles to which you want to target, Facebook will ask you to indicate the total budget you are willing to spend and how long you want the ad to show.

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