10 Tips for Creating Great Content

  • July 14, 2017
  • obm
  • 7 min read
10 Tips for Creating Great Content

Writing content is sometimes hard, especially when you’re not sure if visitors will find interest in what you are writing. At times, you just expect people to read your content, comment on it, like it or even share it.

But that doesn’t always happen, especially when you haven’t thought about the content you are writing. You need to write compelling content that visitors are going to find interest in, because otherwise it’s pointless.

Here are some great tips for creating great content that visitors will want to read and talk about.

Planning and Discussing.

You should always plan, whether that be for a new blog post or to update content that’s already on a website.

This planning could start of my creating a little of 10 favourite content pieces, keywords you want to include and the specifics of what you are writing about.

Once you come up with all these ideas it’s a good idea to discuss what you have planned with others, that could be with your friends, work colleagues, etc.

This allows you to understand whether people agree with your plan and ideas or whether they have any changes, and if they do how you can amend your plan to improve it.

Make the Content Original.

Original content goes a long way with Google and your visitors, copying other content makes the business look incompetent and will also not sit well with Google and your visitors.

When content isn’t original and you take it from somewhere else it will not rank as high in Google and other search engines because it’s seen as a copy, just from a different source.

For example, you use to be able to find Ezine articles in Google’s top rankings, well not anymore, they were hit hard by Google’s algorithms update because they had copied content it meant they ranked badly.

Use Conversational English.

You don’t want your content to be boring. It shouldn’t be structured and the same throughout, writing as though you are talking directly to the person reading makes them feel involved in the content as well humanising your business through its content.

Using second person terminology like “you” and “we” makes the content feel directed to the visitors.

You don’t always want your content to be stiff and structured, although in some cases that might be best, considering other approaches to the content is in some cases a good thing to do.

Don’t Try Something New.

It’s not always best to take a different approach for your content, especially if long term visitors enjoy the way your content is structured and written.

Your content is already liked by visitors, so why change it all, just because a new trend has started, you could potentially lose visitors from doing so.

You can always check to ensure visitors are still happy with your content, by going into your analytics and looking at the content that is generating more leads, the most views and shares.

Then if you have noticed visitors prefer content to be written in another way that is on your website then think about changing the structure, but don’t do it before, because you could deter visitors from viewing the content.

Keep Your Content Up to Date.

If visitors were to notice that your content isn’t current, then you will not only lose those visitors but you will lose credibility.

Continually updating content to your website or rephrasing blog content will let visitors know that you feel it is important to give them the most up to date information possible.

As well as updating content you should also remove any content that is out of date or no longer relevant, if your good content is muddled in between the old content it may not get seen by visitors.

You also want to ensure you content is up to date because you will rank higher in search results. Search engines like to see relevant and up to date content, so they are more likely to put you at the top of the ranks.

Nail Your Headline.

It doesn’t matter if your writing content for a blog, website pages, graphic infographics, etc. without a good headline/title you can be sure that visitors will not be interested in the content as much.

A great headline/title catches visitor’s attention and will earn you clicks, it will help your content to spread even further.

Your headline/title is part of your content so don’t focus more on one thing than the other because that one thing you pay less attention to could be the difference between the number of visitors your content gets.

Make it as Close to Perfect as Possible.

Mistakes make you look like an amateur. So be sure to go through your work thoroughly, or get someone else to proof read it as well for you.

It’s important you do this because you don’t want to lose visitors just for simple spelling and grammar mistakes that shouldn’t happen.

Visitors are more likely to me impatient nowadays, they want to be able to find the information they need quickly. So, provide that for them, don’t sound salesy and put corporate words through the content they are not going to be interested in. Be direct and straight forward so they can find what they want and be satisfied.

Don’t Forget About SEO.

After content is published it’s then down to Google to market the content in search results based on the quality of the content.

Including keywords and long-tail keywords into your content will help your SEO efforts and will therefore improve your rankings.

Ranking high in search engines will also continue to drive traffic to your site, this traffic could then convert into leads.

So, be sure not to forget about your SEO efforts for all content that is written, as in the long run it will greatly help your business.

Be Accurate in Your Reporting and Sourcing of Information.

You’ve got to remember that the information you write in your content reflects the business, you don’t want to damage the business’s reputation if you have inaccurate information.

So, it’s important any statistical information you include in the content is backed up and verified, this can be done by reporting and sourcing all the information you gather from somewhere else.

Accuracy will build trust with visitors that are reading your content, having inaccurate information in your content will get you remembered at the business that lied and will tarnish your reputation in the long run.

Communicate Better by Adding Images and Videos.

As we know people learn in different ways. Some people learn differently by seeing, others by hearing.

So, adding images and videos help you communicate your point, it adds value to all visitors that may be interested in reading the content, because they are able to digest and take in the content in a way they learn best.

Nobody just wants to look at a block of text with no illustrations, images or video because it makes the content boring for visitors.

But you shouldn’t just add stock images just because it’s easier and still does the same thing. Because it doesn’t show of your work with images that relate to the content is far better than adding unnecessary stock images that visitors will know are stock images.


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