Case study: Getting Landscaping Client £772,000 Worth of Leads

  • February 13, 2024
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Case study: Getting Landscaping Client £772,000 Worth of Leads

We’ll be honest, as a digital marketing agency, there is absolutely nothing we love more than taking on a client when they are struggling and then seeing them fully thrive in a matter of months. It’s what drives us and is the reason we set up One Base Media over a decade ago.

Today we’re sharing one such remarkable success story. We’ll delve into how a landscaping business of ours achieved extraordinary results through a strategic approach to local SEO.

This local SEO case study showcases the steps taken to secure a prime position in the Google Map Pack, resulting in 193 calls within six months, all without spending a penny on advertising. With an average job value of £4,000, the potential revenue from these leads is an astounding £772,000, and the actual closed-out work stands at an impressive £153,000.

If you’re eager to replicate such success for your landscaping business, this local SEO case study is a must-read.

Key steps in local SEO success: a comprehensive guide

Achieving a top-ranking position in the Google Map Pack requires a meticulous strategy, and this local SEO case study unveils the three key steps that propelled our client to success.

Step 1

Strategic category selection for local SEO dominance

gmb audit

Our local SEO case study begins with a crucial step – strategic category selection. Through extensive experience in optimising Google Business Profiles, we discovered that utilising all 10 categories leads to superior results. While some research may advocate for a single category, our findings indicate that a diverse set of categories yields better outcomes.

We employ the GMB Everywhere tool, a Chrome extension, to uncover competitors’ categories and suggest additional relevant categories. By downloading this extension, searching for your service in your local town, and utilising the “find more” button, you can identify a multitude of categories to enhance your listing. Incorporate these categories strategically to bolster your local SEO efforts.

A pro tip is to leverage these chosen categories by creating dedicated pages on your website. This not only provides Google with more data but also enhances your local SEO by offering targeted content aligned with the chosen categories.

Step 2

Augment your company description with local SEO keywords

description of landscaping business

The second crucial step in our high-performance strategy involves optimising the company description with relevant local SEO keywords. Explicitly mention all your services, ensuring alignment with the demographic’s needs and preferences. For instance, if your business specialises in garden design in London, make sure these keywords are prominently featured in your description.

This local SEO optimisation signals to Google the specific services you offer in distinct locations, contributing to improved local SEO rankings. Treat the company description as an opportunity to highlight your expertise and establish your business as the preferred choice in your niche and location.

Step 3

Mastering reviews for local SEO supremacy

reviews for landscaping business

We can’t overemphasise the critical role reviews play in local SEO success. Google Map Pack rankings heavily consider the number and quality of reviews, so to secure a prime position, aim to surpass your competitors’ review count significantly.

To begin, conduct a search for your service in your town, evaluate the review counts of the top 3 competitors, and strive to exceed those numbers. Encourage satisfied clients to leave detailed and positive reviews, providing an authentic representation of their experience with your landscaping services.

Engage actively with your audience by responding to reviews, showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction. Google values this interaction, elevating your local SEO rankings and increasing your chances of securing a coveted spot in the top 3.

Elevate your landscaping business with local SEO mastery

With 193 calls generated in six months and substantial revenue without ad spend, this local SEO case study reveals that, with the right strategy, anything is possible. By meticulously following these three key steps, you too can position your business prominently in the Google Map Pack, attracting a consistent stream of valuable leads.

If you’re ready to implement these tried, tested and proven strategies and elevate your landscaping business with the transformative power of local SEO reach out to our team today. And who knows? In 6 months time we might be writing our next case study about what we’ve achieved for you.


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