Revolutionising Google Ads for Drainage Contractors

  • January 17, 2024
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  • 4 min read
Revolutionising Google Ads for Drainage Contractors

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, the journey of a drainage contractor’s success is often marked by strategic decisions and adept optimisation

In this blog, we’re sharing with you a comprehensive case study revealing the story of a Kent-based drainage company who, thanks to our meticulous Google Ads campaign overhaul,  achieved a staggering 44% reduction in lead costs—from £83 to an impressive £46 per lead.

Read on to see exactly how we performed this incredible feat.

Setting the stage: the challenge at hand

The initial scenario painted a picture of a drainage contractor grappling with a hefty £83 expenditure for each lead generated through their existing Google Ads campaign.

Recognising the untapped potential and inefficiencies in their current strategy, our team undertook the task of dissecting the campaign and implementing a series of targeted optimisations.

Refining the foundation: keyword optimisation

selecting keywords for google ad

The journey towards optimisation began with a granular examination of the keywords triggering the ads. Our analysis revealed an interesting dilemma: terms such as “one shot” and “fluid” were driving clicks but failing to translate into valuable leads. A closer inspection disclosed that these keywords were associated with products rather than services, missing the mark for the company’s objectives.

To rectify this, we strategically incorporated these terms as negative keywords, meaning they were omitted from the campaign which served to prevent any further unnecessary budget spend on unprofitable terms.

Simultaneously, we emphasised the importance of keywords with high buyer intent, such as “engineers” or “companies,” aligning the campaign more closely with the target audience actively seeking drainage services.

Laser-focused targeting: location-based optimisation

google ads location targeting

Understanding the company’s primary focus on the Kent area, our optimisation efforts took a geographically targeted turn. We identified specific locations that offered more affordable conversions and implemented slight bid adjustments in these regions.

By delicately fine-tuning bids in areas with proven cost-efficiency, we not only elevated the visibility of the ads in those regions but also attracted leads at a lower cost. This tactical approach to bid optimisation stands as a testament to the transformative power of tailored strategies for businesses with a distinct geographical focus.

Revamping the gateway: landing page transformation

landing page for google ad

Having created 1000s of landing pages in our 10-year history, we recognise the crucial role of the landing page in the conversion journey and, as such, our team spearheaded a significant landing page transformation for this client. 

Rather than a mere listing of services, the landing page was strategically revamped to highlight the features and benefits of choosing the company’s drainage services. Key information such as “open 7 days a week,” “one-hour response time,” and “fully trained engineers” not only provided clarity to potential customers but also instilled confidence.

The result was a notable increase in conversions, emphasising the impact of aligning the landing page with the customer’s expectations and needs.

Commitment to continuous improvement

The success achieved thus far is not the conclusion but rather a stepping stone towards ongoing excellence. Committed to continuous optimisation, our team remains vigilant, adapting strategies to evolving trends and aiming for further reduction in lead costs over the coming months.

A tale of success through strategic Google ads optimisation

In conclusion, this case study encapsulates the transformative impact of strategic Google Ads optimisation for drainage contractors. By refining keywords, implementing location-based adjustments, and transforming the landing page, we achieved a substantial 44% reduction in lead costs.

The key takeaway is clear: a tailored and data-driven approach to Google Ads can turn a drainage contractor’s marketing efforts into a cost-effective success story. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this case study serves as a beacon, illustrating the potential for businesses to thrive through strategic Google Ads optimisation.

Want us to take your business on this journey too?

For drainage firms seeking to amplify their presence and generate more leads through Google Ads, our experienced team stands ready to assist.

A simple contact is all it takes, and we can have your entire campaign set up and live by next week. This ensures a seamless transition to a high-performing Google Ads strategy designed specifically for drainage contractors.

Elevate your plumbing and drainage marketing game today by enlisting the expertise of our team.


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