5 Benefits of Using Google Ads for Your Local Business

  • January 30, 2024
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  • 4 min read
5 Benefits of Using Google Ads for Your Local Business

In today’s digital age, running a successful local business goes hand in hand with a strong online presence.

Among the myriad of tools available, Google Ads has proven to be a game-changer for countless businesses looking to thrive in their local markets.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key reasons why and when you should consider running Google Ads for your local business, drawing insights from our extensive campaign experiences.

1. High buyer intent

(identifying demand with SEMRush)

One of the primary reasons to run Google Ads for a local business is to tap into high buyer intent. Imagine someone urgently searching for “24 hour plumbers in your area.” Being at the top of the search results becomes prime real estate for your business. 

keyword overview

Before diving into Google Ads, it’s crucial to assess the demand in your area. Tools like SEMRush can help identify search volumes for relevant keywords. For instance, a search for “plumbers in London” shows over 1600 monthly searches. Once demand is confirmed, you can strategically target these keywords in your ads.

2. Speed

(a swift solution with Google Ads)

Unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which can take months or even years to yield results, Google Ads provides a rapid solution. Speed is a significant advantage when it comes to online visibility.

While SEO requires optimising websites and building links, Google Ads can position your business at the top of search results in a matter of days or even hours. This immediacy is especially critical for businesses seeking quick and impactful results.

3. Hyper-focused location targeting

Google Ads allows for hyper-focused location targeting, enabling businesses to reach specific areas with precision. Whether your target market is a small neighbourhood or a larger metropolitan area, you can laser-target your ads to maximise visibility. 

google ads location targeting

This level of precision ensures that your marketing efforts are reaching the right audience, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into customers.

4. Levelling the playing field

(competing with giants)

In highly competitive markets, local businesses often find it challenging to compete with larger companies in organic search results. Google Ads levels the playing field by providing insights into the competition. 

You can see how much your competitors are bidding, analyse their landing pages, and strategically position your business. With the right knowledge and analysis, you can confidently go head-to-head with industry giants, without the years it might take to organically rank your website.

5. Quality leads

(capturing intent in a targeted environment)

Unlike social media, where users may scroll through various content, Google Ads captures users actively seeking specific services in a particular location. This results in leads of exceptional quality.

People clicking on your ads are not casual browsers; they are potential customers actively looking for services you offer in their immediate vicinity. This targeted approach ensures that your marketing efforts are reaching an audience genuinely interested in your business.

Harness the Power of Google Ads

In conclusion, running Google Ads for a local business can be a strategic move, especially when there’s high buyer intent, a need for speed, a focus on precise location targeting, a desire to compete with larger companies, and a preference for quality leads. By harnessing the power of Google Ads, local businesses can amplify their online presence, connect with their target audience, and ultimately drive tangible results in a competitive digital landscape.

Prefer to leave it to the experts?

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