How to Create a Google Ad Landing Page That Converts

  • May 2, 2024
  • obm
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How to Create a Google Ad Landing Page That Converts

There are two reasons your landing page is not converting,  either you have over complicated it or you have not implemented 1 of the 4 elements that is crucial for a successful landing page.  

Creating a high-converting landing page for your Google Ads campaign is an important step in turning clicks into customers.

Especially in this day and age, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, having a landing page that not only captures interest but also converts is key to make your ad profitable.

Understanding the Importance of Landing Pages

Just Imagine, Your ad campaign is generating loads of clicks and impressions, but the leads and conversions are lacking. This discrepancy often stems from a landing page issue. Your ad might be perfectly optimized, but if your landing page fails to instantly address visitors’ needs and provide a compelling reason to engage with your business, you risk losing potential customers and wasting your ad budget.

The 4 Elements of a High converting landing page

Now let’s talk about the most important elements that make a landing page effective in converting clicks to customers.

1. Solve a Problem

Your landing page must align seamlessly with the intent of your ad and the needs of your target audience. Consider what problems your potential customers are looking to solve when they click on your ad.

Tailor your landing page messaging to directly address those pain points and offer clear solutions. Whether it’s roof repairs, installations, or other services, ensure your landing page content speaks directly to what visitors are seeking.


For instance, if someone is searching for “Roof repairs in London,” your landing page should focus on how your company can quickly and affordably repair roofs in that area. Keep your messaging concise and relevant to the ad they clicked on.

Similarly if your Ad headline and description is for “Loft Conversions” then your landing page should only be about loft conversions, showing off your previous work and Talking about Your USP’s.  As soon as someone lands on your landing page they should know you’re a perfect fit for their needs.

2. Build Trust

Trust is a cornerstone of successful conversions. Incorporate trust signals such as testimonials, reviews, accreditations, and guarantees prominently on your landing page.

Real screenshots of positive reviews from reputable platforms like Trustpilot, Google Map reviews or industry-specific review sites can instill confidence in your brand and services.

Authenticity is key here, as skeptical visitors will be reassured by genuine feedback from past customers. If they even have an ounce of suspicion about the authenticity of your reviews they will leave the page in an instant. 

3. Provide a Compelling Reason to Buy

Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity to motivate visitors to take action. Offer special discounts, limited-time promotions, or unique value propositions that differentiate your offerings from competitors.

Highlight the benefits of choosing your services and showcase any competitive advantages your business provides. Make it clear why visitors should choose your business over others in the market.

In a nutshell The offer should be so good that it should be a no brainer for them to pick up the phone and call you.

4. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Your landing page’s call to action (CTA) should be prominent, clear, and compelling. Guide visitors towards the desired action, whether it’s filling out a contact form, requesting a quote, or calling your business directly.

Your call to action, like your phone number and contact form should be Up and center on the Landing page, don’t make the mistake of burying them somewhere near the footer or in the menu. 

It should be easy for them to find your Contact number or phone, so always have them on the top section of your landing page.  Make it as easy as possible for them to reach out to you. 

Use contrasting colors, concise copy, and strategic placement to draw attention to your CTA button or form. Avoid cluttering the page with too many CTA’s have Maximum of two.

Optimising Your Landing Page for Success

Beyond the fundamental pillars of a successful landing page, several additional strategies can enhance its performance and maximize conversions:

  1. Simplicity is Key: Avoid overwhelming visitors with too much information. Use clear and concise language to convey your message. Break content into digestible sections with headers, bullet points, and visuals for better readability.
  2. Visual Appeal: Use high-quality images or videos that showcase your products or services. Visuals can capture attention and communicate key selling points effectively. Ensure images are optimized for fast loading times across devices.
  3. Mobile Optimization: A significant portion of traffic coming to your landing page is going to be from mobile devices, So it is essential your landing page is mobile-responsive.
  4. Test its functionality and appearance across various screen sizes and devices so it provides a seamless experience.
  5. A/B Testing: Continuously optimize your landing page through A/B testing. Experiment with different headlines, CTA buttons, colors, and content layouts to identify what resonates best with your audience. Use data-driven insights to make informed decisions and improve conversion rates over time.


Crafting an effective landing page for your Google Ads campaign is crucial for converting clicks into valuable leads and customers. By focusing on problem-solving, trust-building, creating urgency, and clear calls to action, you can maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and drive business growth.


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