Mastering Conversions with Roofing Landing Page

  • December 28, 2023
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Mastering Conversions with Roofing Landing Page

Deep dive into one of our high-performing roofing business landing pages

Are your roofing business ads generating clicks but falling short on leads? It could be a landing page issue.

In this post, we’ll dissect a meticulously crafted landing page that consistently delivers outstanding results for our clients. If you’re running a roofing business and aiming to turn clicks into profitable leads, this deep dive is your guide to success

The challenge: transforming clicks into profitable leads

Running a successful roofing business requires more than just clicks from your Google Ads campaigns; it demands converting those clicks into valuable leads.

If you’re facing a discrepancy between high click-through rates and low conversion rates, your landing page might be the missing link in your marketing strategy.

Our proven expertise in landing page testing

Having rigorously tested hundreds of landing pages tailored for tradespeople, we know what it takes to create one that truly makes your roofing businesses stand out. With a few simple tweaks, you can turn a generic, uninspiring landing page into a highly-converting income generator.

Impressive conversion rates that speak volumes

Let’s talk about results—because that’s what truly matters.

The roofing clients we created this landing page for are experiencing impressive conversion rates with this landing page:

  • Roof repairs campaign: £41 per lead
  • Full installations campaign: £31 per lead
  • Overall campaign average: £30 per lead

These conversion rates not only highlight the effectiveness of the landing page but also underscore its profitability.

Now, let’s delve into the key elements that make this landing page a game-changer for roofing businesses.

1. Strategic logo and contact number placement

The logo takes pride of place on the left, with the contact number prominently displayed on the right. Ensuring visibility on both desktop and mobile, this placement makes it easy for potential customers to connect with your business.

2. Simplified navigation for enhanced user experience

Instead of redirecting users to different pages, our landing page employs a scroll-down navigation approach. This keeps distractions to a minimum and allows users to focus on key information.

3. Trust-building banner content

Instantly conveying your services and service areas is crucial. The banner prominently features “Roofing Services in London,” building trust and ensuring users quickly understand your offerings.

4. Credibility through reviews and logos

Reviews are strategically placed throughout the page, accompanied by third-party logos, in this case, Trustatrader. This adds authenticity, assuring visitors that the reviews are genuine and trustworthy.

5. Irresistible offer promoted with a sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency, the landing page features a compelling offer—15% off all services this month. This not only attracts attention but encourages swift action from potential customers.

6. Easy enquiry process

The contact number remains prominent on both desktop and mobile views, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward process for customers to make enquiries.

7. Authentic imagery and accreditations

Real images, not stock photos, populate the page. This authenticity extends to displaying all relevant company accreditations, further bolstering trust and credibility.

Why this landing page works wonders?

  • Relevance to audience: Tailored specifically for roofing businesses, the landing page aligns with the unique needs and expectations of potential customers.
  • Data-driven optimisation: The design and content are backed by data from extensive testing, ensuring it resonates with user behaviour and preferences.
  • Profitable conversions: Beyond just clicks, the landing page consistently delivers leads at a cost that makes your campaigns highly profitable.

And we can do the same for you - transform your roofing business today

Ready to elevate your Google Ads campaigns and propel your roofing business to new heights? It begins with an optimised landing page.

If you’re tired of clicks without leads, our team is ready to create a tailored landing page for your roofing business. Simply get in touch with our team today and we’ll handle all the steps to get you set up for success in just a matter of days.


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