Case Study: Eden Horticultural

  • March 17, 2024
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Case Study: Eden Horticultural

Today we unveil the transformative journey of Eden Horticultural, shedding light on the incredible impact of One Base Media’s digital marketing and lead generation services.

Eden Horticultural’s narrative begins with the familiar challenge of struggling to secure leads.

However, their story takes a remarkable turn once our proven digital marketing strategies enter the scene. 


Our team has been collaborating with Eden Horticultural for over 13 years now sharing our deep industry expertise and innovative solutions. The partnership began when we designed and created two new websites for Eden Horticultural, transforming their online presence and significantly increasing their website activity.

Overhauling website design and functionality

Our first job was the complete revamp of the existing Eden Horticultural’s website. We performed an in-depth analysis to understand the business model, target audience, and unique selling propositions of Eden Horticultural. 

Next, we designed a website that was not only visually appealing but also intuitive and easy to navigate.

The new website incorporated user-friendly design elements and features such as an interactive services catalogue, a comprehensive blog section, and seamless navigation. This overhaul dramatically improved the website’s usability, which in turn led to increased visitor engagement and higher conversion rates.

Increasing website activity

The second accomplishment was a significant increase in website activity. We implemented a multi-faceted approach to achieve this. Our team began by optimising the website’s loading speed and ensuring mobile responsiveness to cater to users across various devices. They also developed engaging content and utilised social media platforms to drive traffic to the website.

Furthermore, we set up analytics tools to track and monitor website performance. This allowed us to identify areas of improvement and implement strategies accordingly. As a result, Eden Horticultural saw a substantial increase in web traffic, page views, and time spent on the site.

Implementing targeted SEO

Lastly, our targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy brought in the exact type of work that Eden Horticultural was looking for.

By identifying relevant keywords and phrases, we were able to optimise the website’s content to improve its visibility on search engine results pages. In addition, our experts focused on local SEO strategies to attract customers in specific geographic locations.

They ensured that Eden Horticultural’s website was listed in local directories and used geo-targeted keywords to drive local traffic. This targeted approach to SEO not only improved the website’s search engine rankings but also attracted a more relevant audience to the site.


As Eden Horticultural agrees, our comprehensive digital marketing strategy has been instrumental in transforming their online presence and business growth.

Through an intuitive website design, increased website activity, and targeted SEO, we have significantly improved Eden Horticultural’s visibility and reach, demonstrating the power of effective digital marketing.

Want to be our next success story?

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