Case Study: Driveway and Paving Company

  • February 18, 2024
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  • 4 min read
Case Study: Driveway and Paving Company

How we generate high-quality leads for a driveway and paving company at £23 each

Are you a driveway and paving company struggling to find cost-effective ways to generate leads?

Well, you’re in luck because today we’ll be unveiling the secrets behind our highly successful lead generation campaign, where we consistently generate leads for a mere £23 each. With an average job value of £3000, our client is not only thriving but witnessing month-over-month growth with a stream of satisfied clients. 

Let’s dive into the key components that make this campaign a triumph.

1. Crafting compelling ad copy

The journey begins with the ad copy, the first impression your potential customers get. We’ve meticulously segmented our ad groups into categories such as “garden landscaping,” “landscape architect,” and “landscape gardeners.” This segmentation allows us to target specific groups with tailored keywords, ensuring a focused and efficient campaign. Using both “exact match” and “phrase match” keywords enhances our reach while maintaining relevance.

Moreover, a comprehensive negative keyword list plays a pivotal role in filtering out irrelevant searches. Words like “cost,” “plans,” and “style” might be associated with gardening but aren’t conducive to generating leads. By excluding these, we ensure that our ads are triggered by inquiries with a higher likelihood of converting into leads.

2. The power of headlines

The headlines are where we highlight our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and inject a sense of urgency. Creating a compelling narrative in a limited space is an artwork, and our headlines are designed to grab attention and prompt action. Effective headlines serve as the gateway to increased click-through rates and, ultimately, more leads. You can check the video added below.

3. Optimised landing page

Our landing page strategy is simple but effective. We’ve streamlined it to a single page that showcases clear calls-to-action (CTAs) alongside high-quality images of completed projects and customer reviews. The goal is to provide potential clients with a seamless experience, guiding them toward taking the desired action—submitting their information for a quote or consultation.

4. Device optimisation for maximum impact

Understanding user behaviour is crucial, and our data-driven approach led us to an interesting discovery: tablets weren’t converting to leads. As a result, we’ve strategically switched off tablet targeting and optimised our campaign for desktop and mobile users. This ensures that our resources are allocated to platforms that yield the best results, maximising our return on investment.

Campaign overview: numbers that speak for themselves

In the last 30 days, our client has received 69 leads, spending £1500 in the process. With an impressive conversion rate of 9%, the cost per lead stands at an astonishingly low £23. These metrics not only showcase the efficiency of our approach but also the profitability and sustainability of our client’s business.


In conclusion, a well-structured campaign that focuses on ad copy, landing page optimisation, bidding strategy, and device targeting can significantly impact lead generation. By implementing these strategies, our client has not only found success but is on a trajectory of continuous growth in a competitive market.

Watch our video to delve deeper into the intricacies of our lead generation strategy and take your driveway and paving business to new heights of success. Don’t just generate leads; generate quality leads that drive your business forward!

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