What Makes A Great Website Landing Page

  • August 17, 2016
  • obm
  • 3 min read
What Makes A Great Website Landing Page

Landing pages are a very important part of your website. Not to be confused with your homepage, a landing page is the first page people see after clicking on a link to your site. It’s essential that you tailor your landing pages to certain offers that your adverts/links promote. This gives you a greater chance of converting them to paying customers.

So, what makes a great website landing page? Listed below are some key points to consider if you wish to achieve your website goals:

No Clutter

The first thing you must do is ensure your page is uncluttered. This means it shouldn’t be full of too much irrelevant information. Keep things simple and show people what they need to see. Bombard them with too much info, and you’ll end up scaring your visitors away. When someone clicks on your links, they want to see something that interests them. So, ensure they’re not disappointed by an overly cluttered page full of nonsense.

Go Easy On The Links

It’s common practice for a lot of people to include hyperlinks on every web page. After all, link building is a great way to improve the SEO of a site. But, when a landing page has too many outbound links, it gives people a chance to leave the page. This is the complete opposite of what you want your landing page to do. You need it to convert visitors into customers, and keep them on your site as long as possible. So, go easy on the outbound links and prevent people from leaving the page.

High-Quality Content

Content is and always will be king when it comes to website landing pages. Although you don’t want to bombard everyone with too much info, that doesn’t mean your content should suffer. Everything on your page needs to be of the highest quality possible. Otherwise, people won’t be interested in it at all. Plus, good content gets people forming an opinion of your website. They trust sites that have great content that they can enjoy.

Faultless Design

Anyone that knows anything about websites will tell you that design is important on every page. For a landing page, that importance is amplified. Think about it; this page could be the first time a lot of people see your website. If the design is bad, then they’ll assume your company is unprofessional and will leave immediately. But, much like high-quality content inspires trust, so does quality web design. Ensure that everything on the page works well and loads quickly. The last thing you want is for your landing page to take ages to load up. People have short attention spans, and they’ll be gone before you know it.

Everything I’ve mentioned comes together to make a great website landing page. Of course, you must also consider your goals too. What are you aiming to get your visitors to do when they click on this page? Are they buying something, or do you want them to fill in a form? Your goals will influence the content and design of this important page.

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