Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video

  • June 14, 2017
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Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video

If you are thinking of producing a corporate video for your business, then you want to ensure that you are making the right decisions when it comes to the video design.

Here are some important tips One Base Media recommend to make a successful corporate video for your business:

Define your Target Audience

A corporate video helps with your marketing and communication, so you want your bespoke video to be of value to your specific target audience.

Your product/service is not meant for everyone. So why would you create a video that is generic and not specifically for your desired audience?

Which is why you must make sure the message of the video is tailored to your target audience. It is necessary your message is reaching the right people, as these are people that will have an interest in your product/service.

Finalise your Message

You need to make sure you can summarise your message in a couple of sentences. If you can’t then you may find that you are trying to fit too much information into your corporate video. This could potentially lead to boring your audience with unnecessary details.

Ultimately this will have the opposite result you were hoping for; discouraging your audience from finding out more about your products, as they won’t be interested in the message in your video, or in the products/services you provide.

Think About Hiring a Professional

This may sound like an obvious tip but sometimes it’s a tip that people often don’t think about. It is important you have the right people at hand to create corporate video and this means hiring a professional.

This professional could be a local event production company or it could be a design company that does video production. The right professional help, including an efficient Online video editor, can significantly enhance the corporate video, showcasing your business in the best possible way.

Be Creative

By showing the creative side of your business it helps the audience to realise that you care about how your business is perceived. Showcasing your pride in your own work is something that will prove to your target audience that you are a professionally portrayed business.

It also shows you are unique as your creativity will be different from everyone else’s, as people have different opinions on creativeness.

Additionally, it builds the authenticity of your business.


Just because you hire professionals to help you with video production, doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in decision making. At the end of the day, this is a video for your business.

This is why you need to be there when decisions are made: Contribute to the script, the layout – anything that is important. You don’t want any nasty surprises later in the process when the video is done.

Make an Emotional Connection

Our conscious mind likes us to believe we are always making rational decisions, however, we often emotionally make choices without realising.

In deciding between two products that are the same, we will usually buy the one that makes us emotionally triggered in some way. Even though we do not consciously see this thought process.

Therefore, make sure your corporate video plays on the audience’s subconscious mind. This will help them believe they are making a rational decision when in actual fact their choice is emotionally centred.

For example, you may have a product/service that’s better than your competitors. However, if for instance, an important public figure like the police used their product/service, the audience would subconsciously remember and relate to it. This is because people trust the police, so they would trust the product/service they used. 

Moreover, integrating AI voice clone technology into your video narration can further amplify the emotional connection with your audience, making the content more engaging and memorable

Pay Attention to Detail

Whether there are 2 or 20 people in your team, you need to make sure you are the person that pays attention to detail.

Every little thing needs to be noticed; you want your corporate video to be the best it can be so that it puts you above your competitors.

One missed scene or one missed typo can bring the quality of your corporate video down, so be sure you thoroughly proofread and proof watch everything that will be shown to potential customers.

Your Audience is the Focus

The audience wants to know you are the solution to their problem. So, make sure they are your focus.

Don’t drag on about the history of your business or your processes in the video; just get straight to the point and state why your business has the solution they need.

Always put yourself in the shoes of your customers when doing something like this, as it helps you to understand their needs and what they want.

Promote your Video

So you have the final cut of the video, uploading it to just your website doesn’t do all that work justice. Promote it!

Put it up on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Even put it on YouTube! It will help you reach a larger amount of your audience.

People like to see interactive stuff on social media because it draws their interest in the business.

Are you searching for a professional company to design your corporate video? Give One Base Media a call today at 01702 668 207 to find out more about our video production services.


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