Stand out from the crowd with attention grabbing video​


Video marketing is a powerful tool that most businesses should be taking advantage of. They are great for sharing on social media, increasing brand awareness and explaining your services.

We can help to promote your business visually and artistically.

We can create a video that instantly draws attention while being reflective of your company’s ethos and services that you offer.

At One Base Media, we want to make video production available to businesses of all sizes. We have different video packages to suit most budgets. We can create thrilling and captivating advertising campaigns using your branded content. This will speak to your customers and strengthen your brand.

We love nothing more than creating well-crafted videos that have bold statements about your business. With a professional corporate video, this can make your company stand head and shoulders above your competition. We take care of the whole process from the scripting, voiceovers, shooting on location and editing.

We bring brands and people together, creating powerful connections through social media and other digital platforms.

We offer an in-house team of film production specialists who can manage the video building process from concept through to completion.

Customer testimonials are vital in todays digital world, with so many businesses fighting to be noticed you need to show what makes you stand out from the crowd. We have found nothing builds trust more than a professional client testimonial video.

Animation can connect you with your target market in a fun and eye-catching way. We use a team of creative animators who take the time to understand your brand and message with fluid motion graphics and presentation.