17 Niche Services for Tradespeople with Low Competition

  • March 22, 2024
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17 Niche Services for Tradespeople with Low Competition

Are you a tradesperson looking to expand your business or dive into a new venture? In today’s digital age, finding the right niche with low competition can be the key to unlocking success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 18 niche services in the trades industry that offer ample opportunities for growth and profitability.

Tapping into Untapped Markets

In a crowded marketplace, standing out can be challenging. However, by identifying niche services with low competition, tradespeople can carve out a lucrative niche for themselves. Whether you’re looking to diversify your existing business or start afresh, these niche services offer a wealth of untapped potential.

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Now lets understand each service in detail:

1. Basement Tanking

basement tanking

Basement waterproofing is a specialised service that addresses a common problem faced by homeowners and commercial properties. Basement tanking is waterproofing the below-ground structure to prevent water penetration. Techniques involve applying membranes, coatings, or integral waterproofing to walls and floors.

It safeguards against dampness, flooding, and structural damage, ensuring a dry and habitable space while mitigating risks of mold growth and deterioration.

With minimal competition and a steady demand, starting a basement tanking business presents a lucrative opportunity for tradespeople. 

  • UK search volume: 1,000
  • Global search volume: 2,000
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 20%

2. Flat Roofing

flat roofing

Specialising in flat roofing services offers tradespeople the chance to capitalise on a niche market with high demand and low competition. Flat roofing is a type of roofing design characterised by its minimal slope or entirely flat surface. Materials such as modified bitumen, EPDM rubber, or PVC membranes are commonly used.

Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to prevent water ponding and ensure effective drainage, safeguarding against leaks and structural damage.

By focusing on flat roofing installations and repairs, businesses can establish themselves as industry leaders. A great way to advertise this business is with Google Ads, local SEO and local service ads.

  • UK search volume: 2,400
  • Global search volume: 17,200
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 27% 

3. Christmas Light Installation

Capitalising on seasonal trends, offering Christmas light installation services can be a profitable venture for electricians. 

Christmas light installation services offer professional assistance in decorating homes or businesses with festive lighting displays during the holiday season. 

You can handle everything from design to installation, including sourcing lights, arranging them creatively, and ensuring safety. 

With homeowners and businesses seeking professional assistance during the festive season, this niche presents great opportunities for growth.

You can also build up a loyal client base that will use your services every year, and you can also branch out to other light installations, including for Halloween.

  • UK search volume: 260
  • Global search volume: 13,100
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 20%

4. Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Preventing birds from nesting under solar panels is a unique yet essential service for solar panel owners. Solar panel bird proofing services aim to prevent birds from nesting or perching beneath solar panels. 

This involves installing mesh barriers, spikes, or deterrents around the panels to block access for birds. 

Effective bird proofing protects the panels from damage, maintains efficiency, and reduces the risk of fire hazards caused by nesting materials.

By offering bird-proofing solutions, tradespeople can tap into a growing market with minimal competition and high demand.

  • UK search volume: 1,000
  • Global search volume: 3,300
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 11% 

5. Mattress Cleaning Services

Mattress Cleaning Services

Providing mattress cleaning services on a subscription basis offers a recurring revenue stream for tradespeople. 

Mattress Cleaning Services offer professional cleaning solutions for residential and commercial mattresses, targeting dust mites, allergens, and stains. In commercial settings like hotels, regular cleaning ensures hygiene standards and prolongs mattress lifespan. Residentially, it improves sleep quality and removes allergens. Subscription services offer regular, hassle-free maintenance and a recurring way to generate revenue.

With an increasing focus on cleanliness and hygiene, this niche presents a lucrative opportunity for growth.

  • UK search volume: 140
  • Global search volume: 5,800
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 18%

6. Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Offering scheduled wheelie bin cleaning services addresses a common need for homeowners. Wheelie bin cleaning involves sanitising and deodorising waste bins to maintain hygiene and prevent foul odors and bacterial growth.

In residential settings, it ensures a clean environment and reduces pest attraction.

Commercially, it upholds sanitation standards, especially in food establishments.

Subscription services offer regular cleanings, providing convenience and consistent cleanliness.

With minimal competition and a steady demand, this niche presents an opportunity for cleaning companies to establish themselves as industry leaders.

  • UK search volume: 2,900
  • Global search volume: 6,300
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 24%

7. Electric Gate Installation

Electric Gate Installation

Specialising in electric gate installation services caters to property owners seeking enhanced security solutions.

Electric gate installation involves mounting automatic gate systems powered by electricity. Components include gate motors, control panels, sensors, and access systems like keypads or remotes. 

Installation entails positioning gate infrastructure, wiring electrical components, and configuring control mechanisms for seamless operation, enhancing security and convenience for property access.

With high demand and low competition, companies already doing fencing or gate installation can niche down and dominate the market.

  • UK search volume: 320
  • Global search volume: 2,900
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 10%

8. Resin Driveways

Providing resin driveway installation services offers homeowners a low-maintenance and visually appealing driveway solution.

Resin driveways utilise a blend of resin and aggregate materials to create a durable and visually appealing surface.

Resin driveways have become very popular because they offer excellent drainage, low maintenance, and a variety of color and texture options.

With minimal competition and a growing demand for innovative driveway options, this niche presents ample opportunities for driveway companies to specialise and take over the market.

  • UK search volume: 8,100
  • Global search volume: 13,100
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 21%

9. UPVC Cladding

UPVC Cladding

Enhancing buildings’ appearance and protection through UPVC cladding installation offers a lucrative business opportunity for tradespeople. 

UPVC cladding is a type of external covering made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It’s applied to the exterior of buildings for protection and aesthetic enhancement. 

UPVC is lightweight, durable, and resistant to rot, mold, and weather damage. It comes in various colors and styles, offering both practical and decorative benefits.

With minimal competition and high demand, this niche presents a chance to establish industry leadership.

A great way to do this would be to build a niche UPVC cladding website and target your entire county. This will rank quickly, and you will get a steady flow of leads and new business.

  • UK search volume: 5,400
  • Global search volume: 6,800
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 32%

10. Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

Catering to contractors, builders, and developers’ needs for high-quality concrete presents a profitable business opportunity. 

Ready mix concrete is pre-mixed concrete delivered to construction sites. It’s versatile for both commercial and residential projects, including shed bases. Contractors and homeowners can order specific volumes tailored to their needs, ensuring consistency and efficiency in construction. Ready mix concrete accelerates project timelines and guarantees high-quality, durable results.

With minimal competition and a steady demand, ready mix concrete supply services offer a reliable revenue stream and a loyal client base.

  • UK search volume: 8,100
  • Global search volume: 49,800
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 42%

11. Scaffolding

Providing scaffolding design, rental, and dismantling services caters to the construction industry’s needs. 

Scaffolding is a temporary structure erected to support workers and materials during construction, maintenance, or repair of buildings and other structures. 

It typically consists of metal poles, tubes, and planks, providing safe access to elevated areas. Scaffolding ensures worker safety, facilitates work efficiency, and enables access to hard-to-reach locations.

With high demand and surprisingly low competition, business owners can establish themselves as trusted service providers in this niche. The competition in this area is a little higher than the other trades listed, but in our experience, this is an easy service to get leads for.

  • UK search volume: 22,200
  • Global search volume: 471,900
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 39%

12. Loft Boarding

Creating additional storage space or living areas through loft boarding installation offers homeowners a practical solution. 

Loft boarding involves laying down boards or panels over the joists in a loft space to create a usable floor. This technique provides additional storage or living space while maintaining access to utilities and insulation. 

Proper installation ensures structural integrity and safety, enhancing the functionality of the loft area. With minimal competition and high demand, this niche presents a lucrative opportunity for loft conversion companies to niche down.

  • UK search volume: 5,400
  • Global search volume: 7,800
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 34% 

13. Aggregates

Aggregates services involve the extraction, processing, and supply of various materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, and recycled aggregates for construction and infrastructure projects. 

These services include quarrying, crushing, screening, and transportation, providing essential raw materials for concrete production, road construction, and landscaping projects.

With a steady demand and minimal competition, aggregate supply services offer ample opportunities to build up a loyal local client base.

  • UK search volume: 1,000
  • Global search volume: 13,100
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 47%

14. Response Alarms

Providing advanced alarm technology and monitoring services addresses homeowners and businesses’ security needs. 

Their systems detect intrusions, fires, and other emergencies, triggering rapid responses from trained professionals and emergency services. 

With 24/7 monitoring, Response Alarms provides peace of mind for residential and commercial clients, ensuring swift and effective protection.

With high demand and low competition, response alarm systems present a lucrative niche for security companies.

  • UK search volume: 320
  • Global search volume: 800
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 9% 

15. Brick Restoration

Brick Restoration

Repairing and restoring brickwork to its original condition offers homeowners and businesses a valuable service. 

Brick restoration services involve repairing, cleaning, and preserving brick structures. Techniques may include repointing mortar joints, replacing damaged bricks, and applying protective coatings. 

Restoration aims to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of historic or deteriorating brickwork, enhancing structural stability, appearance, and longevity.

With low competition and high demand, brick restoration services present a profitable business opportunity for tradespeople. In our experience this is a very lucrative business that leads to huge commercial projects.

  • UK search volume: 260
  • Global search volume: 1,900
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 17%

16. CCTV Drain Surveys

Offering CCTV drain surveys addresses a common need for homeowners and businesses facing drainage issues.

CCTV drain surveys utilise small cameras inserted into drains to inspect their condition and identify any issues such as blockages, leaks, or structural damage. 

This non-invasive method provides detailed footage for assessment, allowing for targeted repairs and maintenance, ultimately ensuring efficient drainage systems and preventing potential problems.

We have found that many drainage firms we do marketing for receive a high volume of inquiries for CCTV drain surveys. Niching down to a CCTV drain survey company would be great for a national business, as it’s easy to rank for and run ads.

  • UK search volume: 480
  • Global search volume: 1,300
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 28%

17. Shed Building

Shed Building

Providing shed building services caters to homeowners seeking outdoor storage solutions. 

A shed building service offers professional construction of outdoor storage structures. Expert craftsmen design, assemble, and install sheds tailored to customers’ needs and preferences. 

Services may include site preparation, foundation laying, and customisation options. Quality materials and construction ensure durable and functional storage solutions for residential and commercial properties.

With minimal competition and high demand, shed building services offer a reliable revenue stream for tradespeople.

  • UK search volume: 480 
  • Global search volume: 6,600
  • SEMRush keyword difficulty: 56%

Seizing the Opportunity

In conclusion, identifying niche services with low competition is the key to unlocking success in the trades industry. 

By capitalising on these untapped markets, tradespeople can expand their businesses, attract new customers, and achieve sustainable growth. With ample opportunities for innovation and specialisation, now is the time to seize the opportunity and carve out a profitable niche in the trades industry.


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