London Build Expo 2021 – UK construction show

  • December 14, 2021
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London Build Expo 2021 – UK construction show

London Build Expo is the UK’s leading construction show held at Olympia, London every year. In 2021, this construction exhibition was held from the 17th of November to the 18th of November. Our team at One Base Media attended the construction show in London this year to spread the word about what we do as a company and gain as many clients as we can from across the UK.

What is the London Build Expo?

The London Build Expo is a construction trade show in London that construction companies from across the UK will attend to find ways to improve their business with new ideas, new business connections and educational seminars. 

London Build has 500+ speakers across six conference theatres to provide you with various opportunities for your business. With a 50% representation of female speakers, London Build exposes the real diversity in construction. 220+ CPD sessions, 100’s of exhibitors and exclusive free-to-attend networking events are available for all construction companies who are interested. These include Meet the Buyer sessions, Women in Construction and Diversity in Construction, entertainment, the Festival of Construction, celebrity guests and more.

How can your construction company benefit from the London Build Expo?

The London Build Expo is a perfect way to spread the word about your construction company in the UK. Construction workers join together to show customers what their businesses do and how people can benefit from using them. 

Construction trade shows like London Build are a great way to build several new business connections and gain knowledge of the latest opportunities and projects across the UK’s construction industry. This construction exhibition can be beneficial to all construction companies up and down the UK as new business opportunities arise and you gain more clients than ever before!

The London Build Expo provides you with the chance to ask any questions about how your company can do better and answer any questions that other businesses may have for you. Teachers from educational sessions are there for immediate communication, so you can get the answers to the questions that you have been asking yourself for years! Participating in educational sessions and networking events can provide your construction company with the exposure to new people and businesses that it has always needed.  

You may feel that your construction company has been doing the same thing for years and you are in need of some new ideas. At construction trade shows like London Build Expo, you can gain as many new ideas that your company may need to give your business the boost that it has been waiting for! 

The UK’S largest networking event for women in construction:

The London Build Expo was a great way for our team to witness the diversity in construction and generate leads from a variety of different individuals and their construction companies based in the UK. This construction show is ideal for diverse construction companies to gain exposure for their business.

At London Build, the annual Women in Construction Networking Event is held and is free for all to attend. It is a fantastic way to learn from inspirational industry leaders as they celebrate their successes. Discussions take place about the challenges that female AEC professionals face in the construction industry. This is an opportunity to network with other experts and listen to diverse stories that make up such an inspirational industry.

Learn about the future of construction:

As the construction industry moves into the future, new opportunities and technologies arise. Attending building exhibitions like London Build can help you prepare your business for the near future of the construction industry. You will have the chance to find ways on how to improve your business and help it fit into the modern world and gain more customers. 

Educational seminars can show you how other companies are adapting their work to fit in the modern world and continue improving as you move into the future for your business. You can also learn about how the pandemic affected the construction industries and new ideas that can help you rebuild your business to be better than it was before COVID-19 struck.

You will be introduced to new technologies and new methods of work to make your company as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible whilst keeping the benefits of your original methods of work. 

How our company benefited from the London Build Expo:

one base media at london build expo 2021

At One Base Media, we saw London Build Expo 2021 as an opportunity to generate new leads and show other construction companies the benefits of having a website constructed for their business. This international building exhibition provided us with the opportunity to network with similar companies and gain new ideas that could help to improve our business.

Educational sessions allowed our team to gain knowledge on how the construction industry works and what construction companies are looking for in terms of exposure to their business. We were inspired to work with more businesses across the UK as many construction companies still get business through word of mouth instead of the use of websites and advertisements. 

For more information on how a construction trade show in the UK can benefit and improve your business, get in contact with us today!


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