Google Ads for Towing, Car Recovery Business

  • February 21, 2024
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Google Ads for Towing, Car Recovery Business

In the competitive world of towing and car recovery services, leveraging digital advertising is crucial to stand out and attract customers.

In this guide, we’ll break down the steps that we used for one of our clients. For them, we achieved a remarkable £15 per lead with a CPC of £2.29, resulting in 327 leads after a £5,000 investment. 

So read on to find out how to replicate this success for your towing business.

Setting up your campaign

Choosing the right campaign type
Start by selecting “Leads” as your campaign goal, followed by “Search” ads for a targeted approach.

Campaign configuration

  1. Choose the “Website Visits” option.
  2. Opt for phone calls as the primary lead type.
  3. Name your campaign for easy tracking.

Bidding strategy
Utilise “Maximise Clicks” to gather initial data. Set your max bid slightly higher than the competition, e.g., £5.12, to gain a competitive edge.

Network settings
Turn off the display network to focus solely on search results.


  1. Choose specific locations relevant to your towing business.
  2. Set the language to English.

Ad scheduling
Optimise ad performance by selecting an ad schedule from midnight to 11:45 pm. Adjust bids later based on performance.

Keyword research and optimisation

Keyword planning
Use Google Keyword Planner to identify high buyer intent keywords such as “towing company near me” and “car recovery near me.”

Keyword wrapper
Utilise a tool like Keyword Wrapper to convert selected keywords into phrase match and exact match for a more targeted reach.

Ad creation

Building ads

  1. Input your URL and display path.
  2. Craft compelling headlines and descriptions that highlight unique selling points (USPs) and include strong calls to action.

Ad extensions
Enhance ad visibility and relevance with sitelinks and callouts. Utilise urgency and USPs, e.g., “Towing in under an hour” or “Towing from £60.”

Advanced strategies

Creating ad groups
For specialised services like motorcycle recovery, duplicate existing ad groups, rename them, and tailor the keywords accordingly.

Bid adjustments
Analyse ad performance over time and make bid adjustments for optimal times based on the ad schedule.


By following this comprehensive guide, you can set up a highly profitable Google Ads campaign for your towing, car recovery, and roadside assistance business. The success story of the company mentioned earlier demonstrates the effectiveness of strategic planning, keyword optimisation, and continuous refinement. Keep monitoring and adjusting your campaign to stay ahead in the competitive landscape and watch your business grow month after month.

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