Why Your Google Ads Might not be Generating Results

  • January 18, 2024
  • obm
  • 4 min read
Why Your Google Ads Might not be Generating Results

Are you running Google Ads for your trades business but finding that they are not delivering the expected results?

Fret not; this detailed guide will explore the intricacies of common issues, providing insights into why your Google Ads might not be working as effectively as you’d like.

We’ll delve into each aspect, offering solutions to transform your advertising strategy and maximise your lead generation.

1. Wrong bidding strategy

wrong bidding strategy

Choosing the right bidding strategy is the foundation of a successful Google Ads campaign. Start with “Maximise Clicks” and then, once you’ve gathered enough data, transition to other strategies such as “Maximise Conversions” or “Target CPA”.

The wrong bidding strategy can lead to overspending without commensurate results. Regularly reassess and adjust your bidding strategy to align with your campaign objectives.

2. Wrong keyword match types

keyword match types google ads

The effective use of keyword match types is often overlooked. Broad match types can cast a wide net, but they may attract clicks from users with varying intents. Opt for phrase and exact match types to ensure your ads reach users actively searching for your specific services. For example, if you’re a roofing company, focus on keywords like “roofing contractors” or “roofers near me” to capture higher buyer intent and avoid wasted clicks.

3. Budget constraints

budget google ads

Budget constraints can significantly impact your ad’s visibility and overall performance. If your budget is set too low, your ads might not spend effectively, resulting in missed opportunities. Regularly evaluate and adjust your budget to ensure it aligns with your business goals and the competitiveness of your industry. A well-optimised budget can enhance your campaign’s reach and effectiveness.

4. Landing page issues

The landing page is often the culprit when clicks don’t convert into customers. A lack of clear calls to action, the absence of unique selling propositions (USPs), or slow loading times can deter potential customers. Leverage landing page builders like Unbounce to create focused, user-friendly pages aligned with your targeted keywords and ad groups. Streamlining the landing page experience can significantly improve conversion rates.

5. Ineffective ad copy

Generic ad copy that merely lists services may fail to engage potential customers. Instead, highlight the benefits of choosing your business by incorporating unique selling propositions. For instance, if you’re a loft conversion company, emphasise benefits such as a “20-year guarantee,” “price match guarantee,” or showcase the number of projects completed (“over 500 projects finished”). Compelling ad copy is essential to capturing user attention and driving conversions.

6. Social proof

Include genuine reviews on your landing page to build trust and credibility. Avoid fabricated testimonials; instead, pull authentic reviews from third-party platforms like Google or Facebook. Authentic social proof reinforces your reliability and encourages potential customers to choose your services. Strive to have more reviews than your competitors to stand out and instil confidence in your offerings.

Navigating the path to google ads success

Transforming clicks into customers demands a comprehensive approach. By addressing bidding strategies, keyword match types, budget constraints, landing page issues, crafting effective ad copy, and incorporating social proof, you can unravel the mysteries of why your Google Ads might not be working optimally.

Google Ads success is not just about getting clicks; it’s about converting those clicks into valuable leads. Implement these strategies, continually monitor performance, and witness the transformation of your trades business through Google Ads.

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