Transforming Leads for Garden Rooms 365: A Strategic Growth Case Study

  • January 11, 2024
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Transforming Leads for Garden Rooms 365: A Strategic Growth Case Study

In this blog post, we’re taking you on a journey through the success story of Garden Rooms 365, a client that faced lead generation challenges until they partnered with our agency.

In this case study, we unravel the strategic plan that propelled them from struggling with leads to consistently generating 70-80 high-quality leads per month.

If you’re seeking insights into effective lead generation strategies, Garden Rooms 365’s transformation is a compelling case study to explore.

Garden Rooms 365: the initial challenge

garden rooms 365

Before partnering with our agency, Garden Rooms 365 grappled with a scarcity of leads. Despite offering stunning garden rooms, their visibility and lead generation were far from optimal. They sought an agency that could strategically position them for growth, enabling them to showcase their exceptional garden room designs and increase sales.

Strategic plan unveiled: optimising Google My Business listing

gr365 gmb

The first phase of our strategic plan focused on optimising Garden Rooms 365’s Google My Business (GMB) listing. Recognising the importance of local visibility, we executed comprehensive optimisations to ensure they ranked prominently for garden room supply and installation throughout the entire county.

Our GMB optimisation efforts targeted specific keywords with high buyer intent, such as “builders,” “garden room designers,” and “garden rooms near me.” By strategically aligning their GMB listing with these keywords, we laid the foundation for increased local visibility and engagement.

Website evolution: from 5 pages to 50+ pages

Addressing the limitations of a 5-page website, we undertook a rapid expansion, transforming it into a comprehensive resource with over 50 pages. The expansion included the creation of local service pages tailored to different locations. This strategic move not only enhanced their online presence but also catered to specific geographic audiences, amplifying their reach.

location pages for gr365

To further establish authority in the garden room industry, we initiated a consistent blogging strategy. By delivering valuable and relevant content, we not only engaged the audience but also improved the website’s overall authority, making it a go-to resource in their niche.

Strategic Google ads campaign: precision in targeting

Recognising the unique search behaviour of individuals interested in garden rooms, we meticulously crafted a Google Ads campaign. Like the GMB listing optimisations, the campaign was built to prioritise keywords with high buyer intent, ensuring that the traffic generated was not just substantial but also highly focused.

Keywords such as “builders,” “garden room designers,” and “garden rooms near me” became the cornerstone of our advertising strategy. This precision targeting ensured that Garden Rooms 365 attracted individuals actively seeking their services, resulting in a surge of qualified leads.

We also omitted any negative keywords to prevent them negatively impacting the campaigning by bringing in clicks from those not looking to buy and concurrently burning through the budget.

Peak performance: 70-80 leads monthly and continued growth

With our strategic plan in full swing, Garden Rooms 365 now experiences peak months with an impressive 70-80 leads generated each month. This consistent flow of high-quality leads has not only surpassed their initial expectations but also fuelled month-over-month growth.

The transformation from lead scarcity to a thriving lead pipeline showcases the efficacy of a comprehensive and strategic approach to digital marketing. Garden Rooms 365’s success story serves as a testament to the impact of aligning Google My Business optimisation, website evolution, and targeted advertising.

Conclusion: A blueprint for strategic growth

Garden Rooms 365’s journey underscores the power of a well-crafted strategic plan in overcoming lead generation challenges. By optimising Google My Business, expanding their website, and precision-targeting with Google Ads, they have not only achieved remarkable lead numbers but also sustained growth.

Check the video review by Garden Rooms 365 –

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