12 Tips for Redesigning Your Website

  • July 21, 2017
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12 Tips for Redesigning Your Website

When your website needs a redesign it can be difficult to remember and know what’s needed to create a great new website redesign for your business.

There are a lot of things to consider when redesigning, you should always hire a professional in the web and graphic design industry to help you along the way, it will help you gain the best redesign for your business.

However, there are some tips that will strongly help your redesigning as well, and here are all the main tips that you will need to keep in mind when redesigning your website.

Identify Why You Need a Redesign.

If you are considering redesigning your website then there must be a genuine reason for it, don’t just get a redesign because you want to.

By having web and graphic design experts at your side they can help guide you through the process in understanding what your businesses website needs in terms of the redesign and then the process can start.

The reasons for a redesign can vary with every business. If for example your website is dated and old then you would get a redesign to increase your brand awareness and create a way of generating more customers.

Convey Your Brand.

Your brand is key to as it builds a trust between users and the business, trust is what makes loyal customers.

So, when redesigning your website, you want your branding to shine through, so that users still know you’re the same business you’ve just re-vamped your website for their benefit.

Because branding is key you will need to consider a few things when redesigning;

  • Colour and contrast created – Does it make sense and refer to the brand and business.
  • The tone of the website content – This tells users a lot about your brand so will it be professional, conversational, funny, etc.
  • Consistent typography – You want a consistent typography throughout the whole website redesign as it helps make the branding stronger.

Find Simple, Elegant Ways of Presenting Information.

Redesigning a website isn’t always easy, you need to figure out what suits your business best, where things should go, how many pages you should have, etc.

But, it makes it worse if the presentation of your information is too complicated, finding a way that’s more simple and elegant will help with interaction.

Making information to complicated to understand or interact with puts user’s off and could even put your most loyal customers off.

Be Responsive.

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular among users today to find information online.

Businesses that don’t optimise their website for different screen sizes and resolutions will lose out, as users are deterred from using websites that are not responsive.

It’s not a surprise if users go to another site if the first one they didn’t get the information they wanted, you wouldn’t walk into a store that was mess and unorganised and use their services or products, it works the same for online websites.

So, when you redesign your website be sure to use responsive design to create a site that will adapt in a variety of screen sizes and resolutions because it will greatly improve your business reputation.

Keep Goals and Audience in Mind.

You have got to constantly consider what goals you have for the business and your business’s audience, especially when redesigning.

You must consider questions like;

  • What kind of audience do you cater for?
  • What individual personas more most important to your lead generation and business conversion?
  • What short and long-term goals you have for your website?

They are all very important questions and will most likely guide you through your redesign project for the most part. You can also address custom aspects in your redesign to gain an understanding of what your custom may want to see and appeal to everyone.

Don’t Overwhelm the Users.

Just because you are having a redesign doesn’t mean that everything else must change, sometimes businesses forget this and will overdo their information. It becomes overwhelming for the users and can put them off continuing to look at the website.

Each page of the new redesign should have a clear focus and it should stick to that, this way there is no confusion for users and they understand what the content is saying on that page.

Also convey the message in the least amount of words, and include a clear call to action, after all it is always about conversion.

Analyse Your Current Website.

Before you start the process of building your new redesign you should first look at your current site.

Decide on what you like and dislike, include other team members to get their opinions as outside opinions always help you get a balanced perspective on things. You could even ask current loyal customers their opinions.

Establishing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and ensuring metrics align with your goals of redesign will be a successful method for you.

Some important metrics to consider are;

  • Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Visitor Usage
  • SEO ranking
  • Conversion rate
  • Total amount of sales

After checking all these metrics, you must find where the faults are and try to fix them first in your redesign, as these will help increase the metrics that are falling behind and boost your business online.

Think SEO From the Beginning of the Redesign.

You want your new redesigned website to target your audience, that’s a crucial part of the redesign. Therefore, focus on SEO from day one is important for your redesign.

Involving an SEO team early in a redesign process is a must if you want to get the most out of SEO efforts. Having SEO in mind from the very beginning of the strategy will lead to faster results for your newly designed website.

Less is More.

You should embrace the white space and pick at most two fonts and stick to them throughout the redesign as well as reducing the clutter throughout the new website.

Having too much on a website makes it look too cluttered and unorganised which users won’t like, so when redesigning your website get rid of some of it, sometimes it’s not about what you keep but what you get rid of.

Don’t Get Too Attached.

Some people get a little too attached to their current website, which is understandable, especially if it was the first one for your business.

But things change and technology improves an old site wont impress user’s, so you need to take the steps forward to move with the times and improve the website.

It is hard to make changes sometimes but it is crucial to take your business to the next level.

Analyse Your Competition.

There is a reason your upgrading your website that’s because the old site isn’t producing enough business. Which unfortunately means your customers might be going elsewhere to get their products/services.

So, before deciding all the details on your redesign you should visit your competitor’s sites to see how and why they may draw in the clients. It will be will be helpful to act like a customer and see what the user experience is like of your competitor’s sites.

Once you have done so, you can then make changes and adjust your redesign in order to ensure your new website will gain custom and is as user friendly as possible.

Recognise Your Unique Selling Point.

You should think about what makes you diverse and unique to your industry, this is known as a Unique Selling Proposition.

It is essential to embed your USP throughout your site, so that new guests can rapidly get an understanding on your identity, what you do and why they must remain on your site.

Your USP will impact your content over your whole redesign going ahead, particularly on your landing page and other high activity pages.

It’s important to consider all these tips for your redesign to ensure you get the best out of it.

You want your business to continually grow and succeed and to do so you need to always be improving your online reputation and presence and what’s a better way to start than with a redesign for your business.

Here at One Base Media we can help you with the process of your redesign, so get in contact with us today on 01702 668 207.


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