10 Reasons Your Website Should Be Mobile Responsive

  • January 27, 2016
  • obm
  • 3 min read
10 Reasons Your Website Should Be Mobile Responsive

Having a responsive website is one of the latest trends in the web design world and it comes with a wide range of amazing benefits. With that in mind, we have created a list that includes 10 reasons why your site should be responsive, so read onward to find out more!


Once you create a responsive website you can rest assured that people will have no problem using it regardless of the device they visit it from. This brings better usability and higher quality user experiences in the end.


If you have a responsive website then you have the ability to reach a lot more people and that means more traffic. It can really pay off so you should definitely change your website layout to a responsive one.


Mobile users are not going to convert if your website is not responsive or at least dedicated. Having a responsive layout makes the site more appealing, easier to use and it entices people to convert which is what matters the most.

No more zooming in

The older way of reading web content on mobile, which involved pinching and zooming was unnatural. With the mobile responsiveness everything is a lot easier to read as it’s performed in a natural manner and the results are obviously better this way!

You get penalized if you don’t do it

Google announced in April 2015 that sites which don’t have a mobile version or which are not optimized for mobile will receive SEO penalties. So you do need a responsive website design to get the best experience.

Easier to manage

Instead of having multiple versions of the same site, responsive design allows you to have a single, unified version which is what matters the most. This way managing your site is a lot easier, content and changes can be implemented a lot faster and users will definitely appreciate the results.

You will have a smaller bounce rate

The website bounce rate is always very important because the more you invest in your site the more it will show. The website bounce rate needs to be lower all the time and with a responsive website design you can actually deliver mobile users a great way to engage and access great content, which is amazing in its own right.

There’s more social activity on mobile

If you really want to increase the amount of social likes, retweets, favorites and pins then having a mobile version will definitely help you do that. And since social media drives countless sales nowadays, this is very important.

Smaller costs

By integrating a responsive website design you save more money as the maintenance and content creation or any other costs will be lower since you have to work only a single site instead of multiple ones which is always simpler and cost efficient.

Mobile users account for more than 50% of the web traffic

Mobile web has managed to grow so much that it actually surpassed desktop traffic so on mobile surveys you can find the largest web using audience. You have to make sure that you address this audience the best way you can as the outcome will be well worth it!

In conclusion, there are lots of reasons why you need to have a responsive website. Make sure that you use this to your advantage and create a responsive website design, this way you can generate more sales and the outcome will be more than impressive, that’s for sure!

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