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Is your trades business making less that £20,000 a month?

FASTEST & CHEAPEST way to scale your trades businesses to an extra £50-£100k/Per month WITHOUT spending a fortune on advertising.

  • Pay per lead options available
  • Send us images of your work, we do the rest
  • Leads only go to you
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Receive local leads by next week
  • If you don’t get jobs, we don’t get paid. As we work on a pay on results basis!

Need job leads for tradesmen? We can help!

You are missing out on lucrative leads if you do not have a reliable way to generate leads every week.

Fortunately, we can help. We have many options available for you to generate leads for your trades business.

These include Google Ads, local service ads, local SEO, and a pay-per-lead service. The option you choose really depends on how many leads you would like to generate and how quickly you would like your business to grow.

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Google Ads, local SEO & pay-per-lead options available for tradesmen.

    We have been with One Base Media for over 10 years, the results and service is phenomenal.

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    Building the perfect landing page for your ads

    The keyword “find a tradesman” gets searched 4,600 times every month on Google in the UK. Is your business at the top?

    We advertise your business show higher on the search engines so you can start receiving local job leads.

    Building the perfect landing page for your Google Ads is essential to getting the best results from your campaign and to start receiving job leads.

    However, it requires technique. We create landing pages that are easy to use, including a direct call to action, and offer to make the customer make a quick decision.

    We also provide leads for handymen, bathroom installation, plumbers, loft conversion experts and locksmiths.

    landing pages for tradesmen

    We promote your page with the right keywords

    We build your Google Ad campaign around the right keywords to generate leads and get more work. 

    The most expensive ones aren’t necessarily the best for your business. Instead, we target the keywords most likely to drive a high ROI and give you more high-quality tradesman leads.

    How do you get your tradesman leads?

    By optimising your tradesman website SEO and Google Ads, the number of job leads you can attract by phone or email will increase dramatically. 

    Using this strategy, our clients grow their revenues and teams rapidly. 

    What’s more, thanks to higher quality leads, they can run their businesses more passively and enjoyably.

    You need your trade business to dominate the first page of Google and then show how you are different from the competition, we can do this by running offers for your services and showing your awards and case studies. 

    Statistics show that over 46% of all Google searches are done with local intent. This is why it is so essential for your business to show at the top. Google is still one of the best ways to generate more local job leads for your roofing business.

    Transparent live reporting

    Our live dashboard makes it easy to check-in at any time to see how many leads you have had in the last week, month or year and how much you are spending. 

    Because of this, it gives you complete transparency of how well your campaign is working and how many new clients for are getting.

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    Our clients feedback

    I spent a long time researching for different companies to build me a website. As soon as I spoke to One Base Media I knew they were the company for me. Right from the start they listened, offered professional advise and responded rapidly to any requests or changes I wanted. Grace was a pleasure to work with professional, friendly and nothing was ever a problem. Now looking forward to healthy business relationship with One Base. Would highly recommended! TBFC Brickwork
    Incredible, professional service. Advised us all the way and created a website better than could have ever imagined. One Base staff are second to none, they are always available and responsive. Very intellectual and informative. If there was something that we didn't understand or needed further assistance, they were always there to help us. 5 star quality no other company could match up!!! Highly recommended Garden Rooms 365
    Been with this great team of creative and honest people for 5yrs now I would not leave them even if another company offered to do my campaign for free you get what you ask and pay for with a high degree of professionalism. ALK Plumbing & Heating
    "Excellent service the team are incredibly helpful highly recommend." TJC Transport
    "The team at One Base Media have created a number of great websites for us, and are always there to help me with any technical stuff. I would highly recommend to everyone" EDC Plumbing

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    Why choose our service for more work job leads

    When attracting large numbers of high-quality leads, it makes it significantly easier to pick and choose the most profitable jobs. 

    You do not have to take on whatever you can get just to make money. Instead, you can be smart and only take on the most lucrative work. 

    Unfortunately, many tradespeople do not use experts for their advertising campaign to target specific clients.

    Instead, they accept every tradesman job that comes their way, even if it eats up their time and leads to a low hourly rate.

    We correct this by fine-tuning your marketing campaigns to sell only your most lucrative tradesmen services. 

    By taking this approach, we help your business grow faster and become more profitable. We also make running your operations smoother, improving your quality of life,

    The scale of demand for tradesman services is immense. According to recent data, over 50,000 people search for local tradesmen in the UK every day.

     But note: if your business isn’t doing the right type of marketing, you won’t be visible to them. You’ll lose leads to your competitors, and they’ll be the ones making profits, not you.

    leads for tradesmen

    If you don’t feel 100 percent confident about tradesmen marketing, we’re here to help. Our turn-key solutions let you build targeted marketing campaigns that attract the highest-quality leads, building your profitability.

    We begin by asking you what your objectives are and the services you’d like to promote. We then build your ad campaign and website, using the keywords most likely to generate results. 

    Over time, you’ll see your site rising to the top of search engines, increasing organic traffic and reducing the need for ad spending.

    Alongside building your website, we also optimise your Google Ad campaign. Many tradesmen overspend on pay-per-click advertising because they don’t understand effective targeting. They think they’re optimising for the right keywords, but they’re not.

    This isn’t just idle talk. Countless businesses that have worked with us have generated hundreds of leads per month from SEO alone.

    When we take over your Google Ad campaign, we ensure that you get the maximum traction for your budget. We do this by building effective ads and also by creating pages focused on conversions. 

    We focus entirely on conversion rates and ROI by leveraging effective ads and pages. Our goal is to get users to enquire the first time they visit your site.

    Get consistent local job leads by phone or email

    leads for tradesmen

    As a client, you will get access to a live dashboard where you can monitor and track the results of our services. Here, you can see how much traffic, leads and new business you have generated.

    Furthermore, we assign a dedicated manager to your account who can personally respond to all your queries and requests. This way, you get peace of mind that your business is growing because of our work. 

    Also if you have a question about a lead or the need details of how much traffic you are getting, your account manager will be there to help.

    Ultimately, our goal is to fully optimise your ads and websites so that you can generate the maximum possible number of high-quality leads for your target keywords.

    We have many long-term clients who’ve worked with us for more than eight years. However, we never lock them into contracts. Hence, when you work with us, you’re free to cancel at any time.

    Our philosophy is simple: consistency and predictability generate results in the tradesmen business. Our happy clients love our marketing campaigns, and we’re sure that you will too.

    Want to learn more? Give us a call and find out how you can start generating more high-quality tradesman leads.

    Ready to grow your business?

    We’ve helped hundreds of tradespeople and contractors put their contact details in front of their dream customers. We can help you do the same.

    Right from the initial contact, you will know we are a good fit to reduce your ad cost, save you money, get you new jobs and increase your lead quality.

    If you are looking to get a consistent flow of new customers to your business every month then book a FREE call with one of our experts today.

    We will show you on the call how your website can get jobs faster, grow your business and get new customers at a low cost.

    Book your free site analysis with a growth advisor today. 

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