The keyword “solar panels” gets searched 59,000 times every month on Google in the UK. Is your business at the top? If you are looking for a solar panel lead generation company, then you’re in the right place.

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If you’re a solar panel installer, lead generation can be challenging. It seems like every solar panel installation job is already taken, and it’s hard to get your foot in the door. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Here we discuss some of the best ways to get solar leads. We’ll also discuss our lead generation process and how we can help you stand out from the competition.

The benefit of optimising your website and Google Ads is that you will start to receive job calls by phone and directly to your inbox. We’ve witnessed businesses expand their income staff and operate a far more pleasant business due to the high-quality leads they received.

We fully optimise your solar panel website for better quality job leads

If your website isn’t showing in Google’s map or organic search results, you’re missing out on many solar panel leads. We’ve assisted companies in reaching the top of Google for some of the most sought-after terms in their field, resulting in hundreds of leads every month. We also provide leads for solar panel installers and solar panel repairs.


We build you the perfect landing page for your Google Ads

It is essential to create the ideal landing page for your Google ads to get the most significant effects from your campaign.

Your landing page should be simple to navigate, have a clear call to action, and offer a method for customers to make an informed decision quickly.

We optimise your page so your business can install more solar panels

Your ads will be based on the proper keywords – not on the most expensive ones. It’s all about targeting phrases that will result in a high return on investment while also providing you with more high-quality solar panel leads.

Transparent live reporting for your sales team

You’ll be able to check in on a real-time dashboard at any time to see how many solar leads you’ve gotten and how much money you’ve spent, giving you complete transparency into the success of your campaign.

So, whether you are self-employed and get solar leads for yourself or have a sales team and need a reliable company to generate leads for them, you’re in the right place. This is what we do every day. We work on your campaign so your potential customers will see your business contact details, and your business will get a steady stream of qualified leads every day.

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Why choose our solar panel lead services

It’s not only about quantity; high-quality leads are crucial to your company’s success since you may choose and select the most profitable tasks. It also allows you to market the jobs you want to do rather than doing everything and earning less money.

Rather than proceeding with minor repairs and large commercial projects, fine-tuning your marketing efforts to focus on one highly profitable service allows operations in the company to operate more smoothly and your business to develop faster and more profitably.
If your company isn’t visible to over 50,000 consumers in the UK looking for local solar panel installers, you’re giving leads and money to your closest rivals.

We provide a personalized service, so we’ll get to know you and your business in the first conversation and determine your objectives what services and areas you’d want to be found for. We then construct your website strategy from scratch, showing you precisely what pages and keywords your website should target. We see businesses gain hundreds of leads just from organic website traffic, so your website must be set up for success.

Finally, we create a Google Ad campaign for you, which will target the most lucrative solar panel services in your market; we then place very targeted offers on your landing pages to increase conversion rates.

We want your potential consumers to make a fast decision and persuade them that you are the best solar panel business to hire on their initial visit. So we’ll build a Google ad landing page entirely focused on high conversion rates to provide you with the greatest return on investment.
You may access a live dashboard where you can keep track of and monitor your results, as well as how many solar panel leads you’ve received. If you have any queries, your account manager will personally respond to them—all giving total transparency and peace of mind that your company is expanding.

The outcome will be your website will have been fully optimized with tried methods to increase the quantity of your solar panel leads received via phone and web form completions.

They allow you to develop your company and focus on your job rather than marketing.

Our strategies for promoting solar panel digital marketing initiatives may differ, but we think consistency and predictability are the keys to success. Our pleased clients now feel the same way!

Although most of our clients have worked with us for more than eight years, you will not be bound into any terrible contracts and may cancel at any moment. To get started, contact us for a brief phone conversation and begin receiving solar panel leads.

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