6 Must-Have Websites and Apps For Contractors

  • January 7, 2024
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  • 3 min read
6 Must-Have Websites and Apps For Contractors

In the fast-paced world of trades, where time is money and efficiency is key, leveraging the right tools can make all the difference.

Fortunately, there’s a slew of innovative apps designed specifically for tradesmen that can help boost productivity, manage finances, streamline work processes, and even generate valuable leads.

In this blog, we’ll explore six of the best apps that are changing the game for tradesmen worldwide.

1. Checkatrade

Connecting tradespeople with homeowners since 1998


Founded by Kevin Byrne in 1998, Checkatrade has become a trusted platform for connecting reputable tradespeople with homeowners. Tradespeople can showcase their work, display customer reviews, and provide contact details, creating a transparent and reliable channel for homeowners to find skilled professionals.

2. Rated People

Leading the way in UK trade connections

rated people

Launched in 2005, Rated People has become one of the leading platforms in the UK for connecting tradespeople with homeowners. It allows users to search for trades in different areas and request quotes, making it a valuable lead generation website for tradespeople looking to expand their clientele.

3. Tradify

Efficient business management for Contractors


Tradify was founded to empower tradespeople to manage their businesses more efficiently. With a range of benefits, including project management, team coordination, and invoicing features, Tradify streamlines day-to-day operations for tradesmen, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

4. SmartTrade App

Simplifying invoicing and payment


The SmartTrade App is a game-changer for tradespeople when it comes to invoicing. This app enables tradesmen to build and manage invoices easily, with the added convenience of customisation. With seamless integration with payment platforms like PayPal and Apple Pay, getting paid for your hard work has never been more straightforward.

5. Fixington

Connecting homeowners with local trades


Fixington is a platform that connects homeowners with local trades, providing them with essential information such as reviews, contact details, and the ability to connect with trades directly. For tradespeople, Fixington offers the convenience of in-app invoicing and job scheduling, streamlining the entire process from start to finish.

6. Fergus

Job tracking for efficient business operations


Fergus is a comprehensive job tracking tool designed to save time and help tradesmen close more business. With the ability to track jobs, manage schedules, and streamline various aspects of daily operations, Fergus is an invaluable asset for tradespeople looking to enhance efficiency and stay organised.

Embrace the Future of Contractors

In conclusion, these six apps are transforming the way tradesmen operate their businesses. Whether you’re looking to showcase your skills, generate leads, manage projects, or streamline your invoicing process, there’s an app tailored to meet your specific needs. By incorporating these tools into your daily workflow, you can elevate your trade business to new heights of efficiency and success. Embrace the future of trades with these innovative apps at your fingertips.

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