Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites That Can Improve SEO

  • June 27, 2019
  • obm
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Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites That Can Improve SEO
The internet has provided a platform for everyone to express their views and advertise different businesses. However, drawing traffic to your site and boosting the SEO is more important than just having one. There are many ways to generate traffic on your blog or website, but have you tried using high pr social bookmarking sites? If you want to improve your online presence in the best ways, then you will need to try out the sites on our list. In this blog, we will introduce you to what social bookmarking is, why it is useful in boosting your website’s traffic, and the top social bookmarking sites for SEO you can use that offer DoFollow links. List Of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 
  1. Reddit
  3. Delicious
  4. Dribble
  5. Fark
  6. Slashdot
  7. Diggo
  8. We Heart It
  9. Dzone
  10. Medium
  11. Pinterest
  12. Instapaper
  13. Bizsugar
  14. StumbleUpon
  15. Techdirt
  16. Tracky
  17. MetaFilter
  18. Flipboard
  19. Mozy Links
  20. Pocket

What Is Social Bookmarking?

Bookmarking means saving something for future use or reference. When bookmarking is used as an internet terminology, this ‘thing’ you save for future reference is a link. Social bookmarking is not so different from the concept of bookmarking. In social bookmarking, your saved links can be seen and accessed by other people. The bookmarks can be arranged, managed and saved using keywords and tags to suit your preference. The keywords and tags you use will help millions of people access your bookmark. So how do other people access your bookmark? When someone searches for something using similar or the same keyword and tag as that you have set, then they would be directed to your bookmark.

Which Are The Top Social Bookmarking Sites?

So, let’s dive into the list of the top social bookmarking websites: 1. Reddit Reddit is one of the leading free social bookmarking sites on the internet. It is a popular website where you can share links to articles, stories, videos and images. Visitors and users of this site can also save these webpages and bookmarks may be upvoted, downvoted or commented. With over 330 million users worldwide, Reddit is an excellent social bookmarking website to promote businesses and contents. reddit Social Bookmarking 2. This website allows users to access content through marketing automation, content intelligence and curation. You have the option of selecting a free or paid service, and choices for non-profit organisations and professionals are available. It handles bookmarking tasks specifically. is a reliable social bookmarking website, with more than 1 million users all around the globe. Bookmarking 3. Delicious Delicious is one social bookmarking website that you should use to improve your SEO. You can use this site to bookmark and save your favourite web pages by using specific tags and keywords. An internet search made using the same, or similar keywords could direct the user to your bookmarked link when using this bookmarking site. Delicious is being used by more than 5.3 million users to achieve their SEO goals. social bookmarking 4. Dribble One social bookmarking website that stands out among others due to its interface is Dribble. It is beautifully laid out and specifically aimed to meet the needs of designers. If you intend to connect with designers worldwide and boosting your SEO, then Dribble is the site for you. Dribble has well over 460,000 users, comprised primarily of designers. dribbble social bookmarking for designers 5. Fark Fark is one of the leading social bookmarking websites created by Curtis Drew. The website allows users to share, save and comment on different contents that contain the searched keywords and tags. Fark is primarily created to contain humorous contents that attract the attention of thousands of users. You can also rate and review the contents that are submitted on Fark. fark social bookmarking sites 6. Slashdot This social bookmarking site has about 3.7 million users worldwide. It is a website particularly for geeks as its tagline clearly states that it has ‘Nerd news and Stuff that Matter’. You can get recent stories on the field of technology, science, management and tech books reviews. Slashdot is an excellent website for tech-enthusiasts but also has useful content for businesspeople. slashdot social bookmarking 7. Diggo Diggo is a credible bookmarking website with more than 7 million users around the globe. It was specially created to serve as a platform for knowledge-sharing. However, you can also use this site to improve your SEO. You can save and share webpages of different types of contents with this website. Researchers, teachers and students will find this website very useful. diggo social bookmarking website 8. We Heart It Another social bookmarking website that tops the list of SEO-improving sites is We Heart It. This website is available in over 20 languages and has more than 30 million active users. You can use this site to bookmark different types of content, but pictures are the most commonly saved content by users. We Heart It has gained popularity for providing inspirational and motivational contents and for being very easy to use. we-heart-it bookmarking 9. Dzone If you have a passion for developing software, then you will love this website because it is specifically made for you. You can find contents relating to DevOps, web development and other tech topics on this site. The site also allows you to bookmark your favourite pages and can be used by both experts and beginners. dzone social bookmarking 10. Medium One of the most popular websites among geeks and tech-enthusiast is Medium. Medium is a content curator and blogging platform that allows its users to read many articles on different topics. When you post your article on this site, other users are permitted to review and rate it. If you run a business and are not using Medium to promote it, then you are missing out on a vital opportunity. medium social bookmarking site 11. Pinterest With 70 million users, Pinterest has become an enormous platform to bookmark your favourite ideas, recipes, work and pictures. it has fast become one of the biggest With a domain authority of 85 and 250 million people using the site a month, this is a website you should be posting on. pinterest social bookmarking 12. Instapaper If you are an ardent reader or writer of articles, then this site is perfect for you. It allows you to save articles and news offline and has become very popular among students. You can share your favourite articles with your friends, as well as your opinions on topics with Instapaper. Instapaper has well over 30 thousand users all around the world. instapaper social bookmarking 13. BizSugar Bizsugar is one of the best social bookmarking sites that can help you build your brand and a reputation in any industry. Users can share tips, news and posts on BizSugar with others. If you are passionate about breaking into the market, then you should consider this site to boost your SEO. bizsugar bookmarking 14. StumbleUpon/Mix Another social bookmarking site that is very popular, with over 25 million users is StumbleUpon. It recently changed its name to Mix in 2018 but has provided the same services to its users. You can use this site to find webpages, videos, images and blogs. You also have the option of rating and commenting on your favourite contents. Using StumbleUpon can help you achieve the SEO goals you set for your website or business. stumbleupon bookmarking site 15. Techdirt An online blog that tech-enthusiast will love is TechDirt. Techdirt provides a platform for sharing technology-related news happening all over the world. You can get the latest reports on legal issues, economic strategies and linked businesses in the world of technology. techdirt technology bookmarking 16. Tracky This platform is used to save and share contents posted by its users. It is a project management site that allows you to send projects and store materials on it. It has a nice and attractive layout and interface and performs its functions very well. tracky bookmarking 17. MetaFilter MetaFilter is a community weblog that you should try out. It allows you to share and store content on it, that other viewers can review. It is gradually making grounds and has well over 600 thousand users worldwide. Different links and webpages are shared on this site by MetaFilter users. metafilter bookmarking 18. Flipboard Flipboard is a news and social bookmarking platform that can be used to improve SEO. With millions of active followers, Flipboard allows users to share stories, news and posts for other users to read. You also have the option of selecting the news and posts that appear on your feed. flipboard bookmarking 19. Mozy Links Mozy Links is an effective bookmarking website that is used to send and save contents for offline reading. It is effortless to use and loved by millions of users all over the world. You can vote and review the contents that are posted on this site. Mozy Links is one of the leading social bookmarking sites on the internet. mozylinks bookmarking 20. Pocket Pocket is a well designed social bookmarking website. although not as well known as some of the others we have listed, Pocket has over 22 million users, so this is a website you can get some useful links from and gain a following.

Other social bookmarking sites of interest:

Facebook: One of the most popular social bookmarking sites in the world, it’s a major source of social bookmarking 2019. Google Plus: Google plus has its own social bookmarking network, posting here will allow you to share not just posts but the content and connect with other members of the same category. Linkedin: Linkedin is a giant social book marking site full of 500+ million people, all in different areas of expertise it’s great to share with your professional network. get-pocket bookmarking

List of Social Bookmarking sites and their domain authority



In Conclusion

We have shared with you the list of the top social bookmarking websites that you can use to improve your business presence and SEO. If you want to make a ground-breaking entrance into any industry or draw traffic to your site, then you should take advantage of this opportunity. Social bookmarking is an effective way of producing the results you desire.

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