Roofing blog topics | 131 blog topics for roofers

  • January 13, 2023
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Roofing blog topics | 131 blog topics for roofers

Blogging is an essential part of any roofing business’s marketing strategy. It can help build customer trust, establish your expertise in the industry, and position your company as a thought leader. After reading this post you will have 131 blog post topics you can use for your roofing website.

By producing quality blog content, you can increase website traffic, strengthen customer relationships, improve search engine rankings, and convert more roofing leads into paying customers.

Additionally, blogging provides an effective platform to inform potential clients about different roofing materials, the latest trends in the industry, tips on maintenance and repair, and valuable advice on making informed decisions regarding roof installation or replacement.

Creating helpful content that resonates with readers and answers their questions about roofing services can make you stand out from the competition and grow your business.

As a roofing business, keeping up with the latest industry trends and technology is essential.

Blogging is an excellent way to do this while also providing helpful information to your customers.

Want your roofing blog traffic to grow like this?

roofing blog post analytics

By staying ahead of the curve, you can demonstrate your commitment to offering quality services and products that meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

Finally, blogging can be a powerful tool for building relationships with potential customers by engaging them in conversation about relevant topics related to roofing services.

Through blog content that resonates with readers, you can establish yourself as a reliable source of information on roofing issues and gain more visibility for your business.

Roofing blog example

roofing blog post traffic

By writing useful and helpful articles for your target audience, you can get a lot of clicks and phone calls and ultimately grow your business. Take a look at this blog, for example – This post gets over 9800 visits a month, so you can imagine the number of leads this receives from the business.

So here are some great roofing blog ideas you can use for your website.

  • 1. FAQ about using your roofing service
  • 2. Tell tales signs you need a new roof
  • 3. When is the best time to replace your roof
  • 4. What type of roofs last the longest
  • 5. What colour roof last the longest
  • 6. Roof replacement cost
  • 7. Roofing options that save the environment
  • 8. What are the best types of roofing
  • 9. What are the three main types of roofing
  • 10. Which roof type is the cheapest
  • 11. What is the best type of roof for a bungalow
  • 12. What roof types add the most value to my home
  • 13. What is the most popular roof colour in [insert year]
  • 14. Is a 20-year-old roof to old
  • 15. Is it OK to buy a house with an old roof
  • 16. Is it OK to put a new roof over an old one
  • 17. At what age does a new roof need to be considered
  • 18. What’s the average lifespan of a roof
  • 19. Do you need to be council approved to get a new roof
  • 20. What are the most common roof problems
  • 21. How do I know if my roof is going to collapse
  • 22. Who do I call when my roof leaks
  • 23. Can a roof suddenly collapse
  • 24. What type of roof is more likely to leak
  • 25. At what temperature should I not walk on my roof
  • 26. What wind speed can rip off a roof
  • 27. What type of roof is wind resistant
  • 28. How to get your roof ready for winter
  • 29. How do snow and ice affect your roof
  • 30. Three best ways to remove mould from your roof
  • 31. What you need to do before installing a skylight
  • 32. Best ways to clean your gutters
  • 33. Roofing trends right now (what’s popular in – insert year)
  • 34. The best and worst ideas for protecting your roof
  • 35. Is it safe to live in your house while your new roof is being installed
  • 36. Best roof ventilation for different roof types
  • 37. How to replace a roof slate
  • 38. How to replace a roof tile
  • 39. How to find the best local roofing contractor
  • 40. The pros and cons of replacing and roof and repairing it
  • 41. Pros and cons of roof coatings
  • 42. Our roofing awards
  • 43. Our roofing reviews
  • 44. What is a conservatory roof replacement
  • 45. How to find where your roof leak is coming from
  • 46. How moss can damage your roof
  • 47. Why you should clean your gutters
  • 48. Is there such a thing as a heated roof
  • 49. Can you replace your roof yourself
  • 50. Signs a roofing company is going to rip you off
  • 51. Best roofing apps
  • 52. What does a good roof install look like
  • 53. The most modern types of roofing
  • 54. Best roofs for commercial units
  • 55. Best roofs for 3 semi-detached houses
  • 56. Roofing ideas for terrace houses
  • 57. Low-cost roofing ideas
  • 58. How to know if your roof is rotting
  • 59. How often should a shed roof be replaced
  • 60. What is the average lifespan of a house roof
  • 61. When should I worry about my roof
  • 62. Should I call my insurance if my roof leaks
  • 63. Is a leaking roof classed as an emergency
  • 64. How quickly can I get an emergency roofer
  • 65. What are the leading causes of a roof leak
  • 66. What is the roof installation process
  • 67. What is the strongest roof for a house
  • 68. What type of roof is easiest to maintain
  • 69. What is the most robust material for roofs
  • 70. What’s the best thickness for a roof
  • 71. What is the safest roof types
  • 72. What angle is best for a roof
  • 73. How many layers are on a roof
  • 74. What’s the cheapest time of year to replace a roof
  • 75. What type of roof should you get in your area
  • 76. Did you know flat roofs are not flat
  • 77. Is it OK to cover an existing roof
  • 78. Did you know roofs breathe
  • 79. How long can you leave a leaking roof
  • 80. What happens if I don’t fix a roof leak
  • 81. Does sealing stop a roof from leaking
  • 82. Ten roof problems and what to do with them
  • 83. Solutions for a small leak
  • 84. How to fix roof vents
  • 85. When does your chimney need replacing
  • 86. Ten roofing fails
  • 87. How to know if your roofing contractor has over-quoted you
  • 88. What are the major roof repairs
  • 89. Roof repair calculator (use this to estimate the cost of your roof)
  • 90. Types of asphalt roofing shingles
  • 91. 12 types of roofing and their cost
  • 92. 12 things to know about metal roofing
  • 93. Roof replacement, calculate cost per square metre
  • 94. How to install metal roofing – 12 steps
  • 95. How to look out for roof scammers
  • 96. Options for buying a new roof
  • 97. 5 roofing alternatives that you might not have thought of
  • 98. How to get rid of roof ice fast
  • 99. How to Install Corrugated Roofing: 8 Steps
  • 100. How to install metal roofing over shingles
  • 101. Guide to pitched roofing and roofing materials
  • 102. How to install roll roofing
  • 103. Roofing material options for residential roofing
  • 104. How to install step flashing
  • 105. Pros and cons of IKO shingles
  • 106. The 30 best roofing contractors in the UK
  • 107. The 30 best roofing companies in the USA
  • 108. The biggest roofing companies in the world
  • 109. How to Estimate Materials for Roofing Projects
  • 110. Shingle colour of the year [insert year]
  • 111. 5 common mistakes to avoid when installing shingle roofing
  • 112. Roof inspection checklist (everything in a roofing inspection)
  • 113. How to Install Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing | 10 easy steps
  • 114. Choices of solar panels for your roof
  • 115. Ten surprising roofing safety hazards
  • 116. Flat roofing costs [insert year]
  • 117. How to hire the best roofing contractor
  • 118. 5 types of metal roofing – pros and cons
  • 119. How to pick the right roofing colour
  • 120. What is standing seam metal roofing? Comparisons, types and uses
  • 121. Best roofing shingles from consumer reports
  • 122. How to install skylights in metal roofing
  • 123. How to cut metal roofing
  • 124. Roof repair cost (complete breakdown)
  • 125. Best metal roof options
  • 126. Most dramatic roof replacements
  • 127. Best rooftop solar panels (and best companies to use)
  • 128. What is the right roof ventilation for preventing problems
  • 129. What are the roof benefits when using shingle
  • 130. What are the best roof coatings
  • 131. How do you know if your roof has excessive sun exposure damage

How often should a roofing contractor blog?

The answer to this question depends on your goals and the content you produce.

If you are running a blog for business purposes, consistency is critical and your goal should be to post at least once or twice a week.

Though having some rhythm will help keep your readers engaged. Additionally, consider spreading yourself across different mediums (e.g., video blogs, and audio podcasts). Doing so will not only meet the needs of different types of audiences but also increase engagement with them. Finally, be sure to stick with topics that are relevant and engaging to your readership. Doing so will keep them coming back for more.

Converting your blogs into social media posts

You can also help increase your reach and engagement. Consider taking snippets of content from your blog and posting it on different social media channels with links back to the full post. Doing so will ensure more people are exposed to the content you’re creating, thus increasing the likelihood they’ll click through to read or watch more of it.

Additionally, consider repurposing older blog posts by updating them with new information. Doing so will refresh old material and show readers that you keep up with changing topics in your industry/niche.

Overall, there is no one-size-fits-all answer regarding how often you should blog, as each business or individual will have different needs and goals.


If you follow this blog posting strategy, you will get 10s of thousands of monthly visitors to your website and many inbound leads. One thing to always remember is to look at the competing article on Google, your blog must have a similar word count, and your new post must add more value to the reader. This way, you can outrank them and collect all the traffic.

We hope you have got some use out of this and if you would like more help with your blogging, please feel free to contact our team.


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