Landscaping keywords for Google Ad campaigns

  • August 5, 2023
  • obm
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Landscaping keywords for Google Ad campaigns

Owning a landscaping business takes passion, commitment, and most importantly, a steady flow of landscaping leads. In today’s digital world, the internet is the go-to source for consumers when searching for a landscape gardener.

Therefore, investing in Google ads can be a great way to generate leads and increase sales. However, companies are unknowingly wasting budget by using low-intent keywords that don’t drive buyers to their website. In this blog, we will discuss why using high-intent keywords can increase the success of your landscaping Google ad campaign and help you attain more conversions.

If you’re running a Google ad campaign for “landscape gardener,” targeting certain types of keywords may be more productive than others. High-intent keywords focus on specific terms that potential buyers are searching for when looking for services like yours. For instance, “landscape gardeners near me” is a high-intent keyword. This type of keyword is important because it drives highly relevant traffic to your website, providing a higher chance of consumers who will make a purchase or schedule a site visit. On the other hand, low-intent keywords like “garden pictures” or “paving ideas” have a lower probability of driving sales. Therefore, using high-intent keywords can help your business save money by targeting the right audience.

Here we list a set of keywords that we use in every landscaping Google Ad campaign, these keywords alway drive high quality leads and increase the lead quality.

High buyer intent landscaping keywords & monthly search volume

  • retaining wall contractors – 90
  • landscaping business near me – 90
  • patio designers near me – 90
  • landscape designers near me – 880
  • landscaping company – 880
  • lawn maintenance near me – 720
  • landscaping services – 720
  • local landscape gardeners – 720
  • lawn installation near me – 70
  • commercial landscaping near me – 70
  • local landscapers – 590
  • garden maintenance services near me – 590
  • landscaping contractors – 590
  • hard landscaping near me – 590
  • landscape architect – 5400
  • garden designers near me – 5400
  • landscape design company – 50
  • paving and landscaping near me – 480
  • landscape designer – 4400
  • hardscaping near me – 40
  • affordable landscaping near me – 40
  • landscaping contractors near me – 390
  • landscape architects near me – 320
  • landscape design services – 30
  • lawn maintenance companies near me – 30
  • commercial landscaping services – 30
  • lawn care near me – 2900
  • garden design – 27100
  • best landscapers near me – 260
  • landscaping and gardening services – 260
  • landscape gardeners near me – 22200
  • best landscaping companies near me – 20
  • landscaping companies near me – 1900
  • landscape gardener – 18100
  • landscaping near me – 18100
  • lawn care companies near me – 170
  • landscape design near me – 140
  • lawn care companies – 140
  • landscaper – 12100
  • affordable landscaping – 110
  • landscapers in my area – 110
  • landscaping services near me – 1000
  • garden designers – 1000
  • yard drainage contractors near me – 10
  • hardscape contractors near me – 10
  • backyard designers near me – 10
  • lawn care and landscaping near me – 10
  • hardscaping companies near me – 10


So, that’s all you need to know about high-intent keywords for your landscaping Google ad campaign.

High-intent keywords drive more qualified leads to your website, provide insights into your target audience, and will eventually enhance the success of your ad campaigns.

We hope this article has been informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out, and we’d be happy to assist you. Now, go out there and start using high-intent keywords to grow your landscape business!


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