Google Ads case study for landscaping company

  • August 13, 2023
  • obm
  • 4 min read
Google Ads case study for landscaping company

Client Overview: Our client is a professional landscaper and driveway installation company covering Berkshire; they were looking for an agency to take over their Google Ad campaign as their previous agency was not getting any results; their main goal was to expand their customer base and deliver high-quality leads while keeping the cost per lead low.

Challenge: The driveway company faced fierce competition and a saturated market, making it difficult to stand out and attract qualified leads.

Their previous Google Ad campaign got inconsistent results, with high costs per lead and cost per click.

After auditing the account, we decided it would be best to start completely from scratch, as none of the groups was optimised correctly, and we know from running similar previous campaigns that a complete rebuild was needed.

Strategy: We crafted a tailored Google Ad strategy incorporating advanced keyword targeting, optimised ad copy, and a well-structured landing page experience to increase lead generation while minimising costs. Our approach involved:

Strategic Keyword Targeting: We designed focused ad groups, each targeting specific keywords relevant to the driveway and landscaping industry. By leveraging exact match and phrase match keywords, we ensured our ads appeared to users actively seeking landscaping solutions.

Negative Keyword List: We already have a substantial negative list for landscapers and driveway companies, so we immediately added this.

Location-Specific Ad Copy: Our ad copies were tailored to incorporate location keywords, allowing us to tap into users’ local intent and position our clients as a nearby solution for their landscaping needs. We also used location-dynamic keyword insertions in the ad copy.

Compelling Offers: We integrated attractive offers within the ad copies to entice potential customers. These offers were consistent with what users would find upon clicking through to the landing page, ensuring a seamless transition from ad to landing page experience.

Landing Page Optimisation: Our dedicated landing pages were designed to mirror the main website’s branding and content while focusing solely on landscaping services. The simplified layout emphasised the key benefits of the services, providing a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) for users to request a quote.

Device Targeting: Based on our analysis of user behaviour, we discovered that mobile and desktop users exhibited higher conversion rates than tablet users. We focused the campaign on mobile and desktop devices, optimising ad placements to capture maximum engagement from these platforms. To do this, we completely switched off tablets.

Driveway leads for £23 each

Results: Our holistic approach led to impressive outcomes for our client:

Lead Generation Increase: The campaign significantly increased high-quality leads for the driveway company, helping them connect with potential customers actively seeking landscaping services.

Cost Efficiency: By utilising targeted keywords, strategic ad copy, and optimised landing pages, we achieved a cost per lead of just £23. This substantially improved from their previous marketing efforts, resulting in a more cost-effective lead acquisition strategy.

Conversion Rate Improvement: The well-aligned ad messaging, offer consistency, and optimised landing pages improved conversion rates, ensuring that more users who clicked on the ads submitted inquiries.

Enhanced Visibility: Our strategy positioned the driveway company as a relevant and appealing solution for local landscaping needs, allowing them to outshine competitors and capture a larger market share.

Conclusion: By implementing a comprehensive digital advertising strategy that combined meticulous keyword targeting, ad copy optimisation, and streamlined landing pages designed by a leading landing page design agency, we successfully helped our client drive high-quality leads at an impressively low cost per lead. Our collaborative efforts contributed to their business growth, increased visibility, and strengthened their online presence within the competitive landscaping industry.


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