285 Construction company name ideas, how to name your business and be happy with it

  • September 4, 2022
  • obm
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285 Construction company name ideas, how to name your business and be happy with it

“What’s in a name?”, the inimitable Bard once mused. Shakespeare’s famous line asked “Is the essence of something defined by that which we call it, or is it the intrinsic qualities of that thing that make it what it is?

Chances are, ol’ Bill wasn’t contemplating how to name a new construction business when he posited this question to the world.

He did, however, know a bit about the power of words and their lasting impact.

It’s important to ask yourself this very same question (in the practical sense, rather than the philosophical) when making the pivotal decision on what to call your new construction business, or rebranding your current one.

The importance of having the right name

A business’s name is probably its number one most identifiable feature.

Some of the most successful brands in the world have developed their name so much that the moment you hear it, you feel a certain way about their product, service and how much you trust them as an establishment. 

Make no mistake — this is no accident. These companies have entire teams of people who carefully cultivate what their name means to potential customers, keep it part of the current lexicon and ensure that it does not become tainted by bad publicity.

The reality, we know, is that many businesses don’t have the resources of these big companies, but that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses can’t fully harness the power of a great brand name.

You too can create a name that instantly evokes feelings of trust, high-quality products and services and a reputation for outshining the competition on every level.

It can be overwhelming when thinking of a name for a new business. After much consideration, you may be tempted to lean towards simply using your initials next to a summary of your services i.e J.K Construction.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with this as such, you will have far more success if you go with something a little more creative.

This is for a variety of reasons which will elaborate on later.

The worst thing about missing the mark isn’t that you’ve picked the wrong name, more that you have picked an ineffective name and will limit your ability to really be able to make it work for you further down the line.

general construction company names

177 General construction company names

  • Atlantis Builders
  • Crafty handymen
  • Cementoasis
  • ConstructuralX
  • ExteriorBuilds
  • MixnFix Solutions
  • Blockly
  • Magnetto Buildings 
  • QuanternX
  • The Summit Builders
  • The Sumo BuildrX
  • Perfect Frame construction
  • BuilderArch
  • BrickBuildings
  • Rerenovation
  • Towerable
  • Instructure Homes
  • Buildingslist
  • Projectsmax
  • Tower Architecture
  • ProBuilders
  • Strong Foundation Buildings
  • Eye for Detail Contractors
  • StoneWay Builders
  • CornerStones Solutions
  • Mahogany Tree Contractors
  • MJ Remodelling
  • TerraBuilderly
  • Buildtastic
  • Calypso Structures
  • Concrete Designz
  • PowerBuild Crew
  • Inception Builders
  • Precise Buildr
  • TurboMax Builders
  • Bricktopia Solutions
  • Magnifique Designz
  • Flawless Swift Buildr
  • BrickWood Buildr
  • Dazzling Buildings
  • RemodelMax Guys
  • InstructureBuilds
  • SkyInfrastructure
  • Mega Housing Project
  • Edifice Builds
  • Tangible-Construction
  • Wood Trends Construction
  • Balcony Projects
  • Code Green Solutions
  • BuidExcellencia
  • Buildatrix
  • ConstructionBox
  • CleaeGate Construction
  • ZenBuilding Buds
  • Topnotch Construction
  • Snap Builders
  • WowContructs
  • Hppy Housing Project
  • Your Dream Construction
  • Easy On The Pocket Builders
  • Rrmodelling Hub
  • 3D Building Crew
  • Your Building Partners
  • EstablishHub
  • MetaEstablishments
  • SimplyConstructs
  • Ultra Remodelling Solutions
  • BrickLayers Way
  • Slay Constructions
  • Constructrium
  • BoldBuilder
  • Constructionist
  • Buildly
  • BuildIt
  • Le-Builders
  • Build-Fora
  • Builder-io
  • Construction Casa
  • The Noble Builders
  • Nova Establishments
  • PopConstructs
  • SoftTouch Construction
  • Eveready Buildr
  • Open Home Architects
  • Brick by BRick builder
  • Best Contractor Bar
  • LightHome Construction
  • StarBuilds
  • MetaHome Solutions
  • Build Them All
  • Star-Wrench Constractions
  • Galactica Builders
  • EveningStar Construction
  • Evergrowing Construction
  • Beyond Imagination Construction
  • Helium Construction
  • Open Space Construction
  • Tophat Construction
  • Inspired Construction
  • Eastcoast Constructions
  • Wolverine Constructions
  • Sivler Valley Construction
  • Just In Time Builders
  • Round The Clock Builders
  • DeepSea Constructions
  • Oceanic Constructions
  • Luxurious Constructions
  • Rrvolutionalized Constructions
  • Remodelio
  • Crafty Builders
  • La Vida Homes
  • SteppingStone Construction
  • Down The Block Construction
  • BlockWise Construction
  • Constructivista
  • Mustarseed Constructions
  • Capital Buildr
  • Plastio Builders
  • Build Fortuna
  • LuckStar Constructions
  • AlmondTree Constructions
  • Pinacle Builders
  • Bloom Constructions
  • Swift Builder
  • BlueFlame Construction
  • Nebula Construction
  • All Hand On Deck Construction
  • CraftyHaus
  • UrbanCribs Construction
  • Buildozo
  • Physique Building
  • Projects Structure
  • Nova Build
  • Base households
  • Progress Base
  • Asset Construct
  • Casa & Build
  • Shape & Bases
  • Project House
  • Riverside Estates
  • Rebuildable
  • Wasp Builders
  • Constructex
  • KwikBuild
  • Cementation
  • Building Craft
  • Soma Build
  • Planet Build
  • Grafton Contractors
  • Habitat Contractors
  • Concrete City Contractors
  • Planabuild
  • Stoneworks contractors
  • Archivista
  • Constructive
  • Architectia
  • ZeeBlock
  • Axiom Build
  • Vida Construction
  • Constructor
  • Constructio
  • Axen Build
  • Buildable
  • Gator Town
  • BuildingsUp
  • Builtio
  • Craftise Contractors
  • Ultra Builders
  • Signature Builders
  • All in One Builders
  • Blue Grass builders
  • Davinci Builders
  • Tulip Builders
  • Peacock Builders
  • Castle Builders
  • Analytic Builders
  • Nomad Builders
  • 30 funny construction company names

  • The Trusty Guys Construction
  • The Wood Peckers Builds
  • Ring-a-Bell Construction
  • Picky Builders Hub
  • Archibald Contractors
  • Mortar Sport Crew
  • Wrenchtricity Construction
  • NuevoCondo
  • ElCondos
  • Hexual Ceilings
  • Titanik Construction
  • Sherlock Homes Construction
  • Sirius Builder
  • Alpha Century Builders
  • Strong Muscle Builders
  • Crazy Secure Constuction
  • Make Your Own Asphalt Builders
  • Earth Movers Company
  • FishEye Construction
  • Beaver Buildings
  • Beans & Cream Construction Crew
  • Earth, Wind & Hammers
  • Almost Free Masonry Services
  • Tree House Buildings
  • Brick Mania structures
  • Almighty Stuctures
  • AlphaWood Builders
  • Your Wish Construction
  • Rolling Stones Construction
  • Licence-to-Build
  • 78 Names that contain the word “construction”

  • Fine Paint Construction
  • Apex Constructions
  • SkyLane Constructions
  • Brickwood Construction
  • BlueOcean Constructions
  • GroundBreaking Constructions
  • Above Surface Construction
  • Formulex Construction
  • Timberly Construction
  • Towerus Construction
  • Hallwing Construction
  • Hallbie Construction
  • Habitate Construction
  • Appetite 4 Construction
  • Bargain Constructions
  • A2Z Construction solution
  • Golden Medal Constructio
  • Northern Horizon Construction
  • Accurate Construction Today
  • Green Heroes Construction
  • Upcode Construction
  • New Construction Co..
  • Delta S Construction
  • On Call Constructions
  • Phoenix Construction Biz
  • BrickUp Contruction
  • PlatinumX Construction
  • Pegasus Construction
  • Eos Constructions
  • Tethis Construction
  • Let Us Build It Construction
  • GroundUp Construction
  • Construction Lead
  • Masterpiece Construction Inc
  • Unique Concept Construction
  • Bigger & Better Construction
  • Mainland Construction
  • Perfect View Construction
  • HomeRun Construction
  • HiddenGem Construction
  • Growth Construction
  • Ventura Construction
  • Backstage Construction
  • Gotham Construction
  • Hydrogen Construction
  • Open Air Construction
  • Alliance Construction
  • Hatch Construction
  • Inspire Construction
  • Quanta Construction
  • Entourage Construction
  • Coastal Construction
  • Megallan Construction
  • Wolf Construction
  • OnTrack Construction
  • Chameleon Construction
  • Blade Construction
  • River Valley Construction
  • Wingman Construction
  • Touchdown Construction
  • OnAir Construction
  • TopGear Construction
  • Just Construction
  • Sideline Construction
  • HighEnd Construction
  • Seed Construction
  • Ultra Construction
  • Formis Construction
  • Contructionly
  • Constructionize
  • Vee Construction
  • Envelope Construction
  • Rework Construction
  • Koola Construction
  • Building Blocks Construction
  • Kriem Construction
  • Plexzu Construction
  • Terra Construction
  • Everything a construction business name should be

    Now that we’ve highlighted the importance of picking the right construction company name and what it can do for you, let’s break down everything that makes up an incredible business name.


    This one goes without saying — if no one remembers your construction company name then they won’t think of you when they need work done. 

    So what makes a name memorable?

    Firstly, it should be short and punchy. Aim for one to two syllables, anything longer and people may only remember a portion of your company name which won’t be enough. If you feel creatively inclined, you can try for some alliteration — things like Paypal, Coca-Cola, Rolls-Royce work well because of their alliteration. Acronyms like BMW and KFC can work well too and almost remove the chance of people misspelling it when searching.


    Thinking of a word that means something to you is a great way to come up with something unique and original. Everyone has words that they particularly like, whether from books, songs or elsewhere. If a particular word evokes certain feelings in you, then there is a high chance it will do the same for others. You can also choose words that showcase some of the values of your company and your ethics e.g honest, trusted etc. Again, try to keep it catchy, not too obscure and perhaps sit alongside a word that summarises what you do e.g Maple Construction Services.

    We said earlier that there are more creative options than combining your initials with your services, however, if you would like to use your name then a surname is a great alternative. People remember surnames, even common ones — just think of McDonald’s, Clark’s and Robinson’s. Something that works really well is the “surname & surname” format; it’s timeless and gives feelings of collaboration.


    Locally optimised

    By this, we mean that if you’re looking to operate mostly in one area, then there’s no harm in incorporating this into your business name, for example, “Cornerstone Construction Essex”. You can narrow it down to something like “Saffron Walden Construction Co”. This will not inhibit your growth as you can still operate outside of where you’re based. The best thing about including your location in your business name is that it will work in your favour when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO) which helps customers find you on Google.

    Sounds good when spoken

    You can spend hours scribbling down name ideas and analysing how they will look on emails, vehicles and clothing, but have you considered how they sound when said aloud? Think about how many times you’ll be giving your construction company name over the phone; to suppliers, customers and other people you deal with on a daily basis. If you have to repeat it and it doesn’t roll off the tongue then it’s best avoided.

    Works well with a logo or symbol

    Names are great, logos are better. One thing they both have in common is the adage: the simpler, the better. Consider that Netflix’s logo is just a red “N” on a black background. If you come up with a name that a graphic designer can very easily turn into a stylish and simple logo then you’re onto an instant winner. You can even make a start on this yourself using an AI logo maker, think of a single image or symbol that could reflect your business, and then work backward in thinking of a name based on that.


    We’ve saved the best ‘til last. There’s no point agonising over your business name only to find that someone else is already using it. You can quickly check if a domain is available by using GoDaddy.com or some of the other resources listed below. A common misconception is that a .com URL is the best. In actuality, if you’re operating in the UK then .co.uk will be better.

    Once you have checked that the domain is free, you will also want to make sure that it’s available to be registered as a business with the appropriate governing body in your area. For the UK this is https://www.gov.uk/search-for-trademark.

    Everything a construction business name shouldn’t be

    Restrictive in growth

    Whilst you want your construction company name to make it absolutely clear what you do, you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself and hinder your growth and ambitions for the future. Naming your business something like “Elemental Brick Laying Services” is fantastic in letting people know you lay bricks, but what about when you don’t just lay bricks anymore and have expanded your operation into something broader and more comprehensive?

    Unless you solely deal in a niche or specialist service, then you will want to instead consider something that your business can grow into. Something that perhaps reflects your ambitions and doesn’t have your would-be customers write you off as being only able to offer a single construction service.

    Internationally inappropriate

    Once you think you’ve settled on a name it’s worth doing a quick check to make sure that it doesn’t translate to something embarrassing or offensive in another language. Although you may not plan to operate internationally, it’s advisable to check for the sake of your customers and the languages they may speak.

    Similar to a recognised name or competitor

    There’s nothing more confusing for your customers than two companies with near-identical names. It’s problematic if they both offer similar services and even more so if not. This is why we suggested avoiding initials. You won’t be the only GB, KD or JB in your area and so you’ll want to make sure that you differentiate yourself with something that is not easily replicated.


    Some of the biggest names in business have a company name that would leave the uninitiated scratching their head on what exactly it is that they sell and provide. If you didn’t know better, would you think a company called Apple makes electronics? It takes years to have a seemingly arbitrary name become synonymous with your product or service, and although it is arguably the sign of a successful business it doesn’t serve you well in the early days.

    A great place to start when drafting ideas is here. This tool allows you to put a word in such as “construction” and you get back a whole bunch of other words that relate to your business and also gives you insight into what people are searching for. This can give you some inspiration when picking a name that is relevant and non-generic.

    Something you’re not happy with

    Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised by how many people settle on a construction company name that doesn’t fully feel right to them, just because they believe that for one reason or another it will be beneficial.

    You will potentially have the name for a very long time so, above all, you need to be happy with it.

    It can be tempting to follow trends like dropping vowels (CNSTRCTN) or chucking an “R” on the end (BUILDR) or some sort of abomination of the two (BLDRR). In all honesty, this trend is pretty awful. It can sometimes be hard to tell if it’s a stylistic choice or simply poor spelling. It can be confusing for customers when they look for you online and also makes it quite unclear what you do. Vowels exist for a reason, use them.

    Tools for picking the right name for your business

    You now know everything that makes a construction company name stand out, perform and reflect what you do, but we know it can still be a difficult choice to make and you may need some inspiration to get you started.

    Below you will find a list of resources that will help you think of names or randomly generate ones. This can help you get the ball rolling or you may be lucky enough to land on something you love just as it is. Of course, you’ll need to check the availability of the name in the same way you would with a name you’ve dreamed up yourself but this can help get the creative juices flowing.

    Company name generator sites

    Bust a Name – Lots of customisation with this one. You can thoroughly drill down into exactly what you’re looking for and get suggestions based on that criteria.

    Biz Name Wiz – A simple and easy tool to use. Just put in a word or words you like and you’ll get relevant combinations to scan over.

    NameBoy.com – One of the original name generators. The best thing about NameBoy is that it not only suggests names, but you’ll also be able to instantly see if they are available.

    NameStation – This one can suggest URLs based on words you put in and bases it on your business area. You’ll need to sign up but this is free.

    Looka — Arguably one of the best name generators out there. Straightforward to use and gives you all the information you need in one place. It gives some truly unique and creative names, and whilst you won’t like all of them, it’s sure to give you food for thought.

    Get naming!

    You’re now fully equipped with everything you need to come up with a winning name for your construction business. With the tips and tools provided you should be in a great place to start throwing names around until you find the best fit. Don’t forget that the tried and tested method of asking friends and family what they think will serve you well in this endeavour.

    And whilst you won’t necessarily find the answer to Shakespeare’s rhetorical rumination, you will be able to reap the benefits of having a construction company name that does wonders for you and your business for years to come.


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