10 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

  • May 8, 2017
  • obm
  • 6 min read
10 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

There is some debate as to whether blogging is still important and relevant in the marketing strategy for businesses.

But regardless if your a small or multinational company, blogging is still fundamental to your online content marketing strategy.

Here are 10 reasons why blogging is still important for your business today.

Setting It Up Is Easy.

Setting up a blog for your website is a very simple thing anyone business owner can do, they are easily updateable and you are able to add content whenever you feel necessary.

Even if you do not currently have a blog on your website, it’s easy for you to sort out adding one into the site so that you can start blog writing quickly.

So if I was you I would start thinking about having a blog on your website for the business before it’s too late, it will make a big difference to business.

Drive Traffic To Your Website.

Your blog post will give you opportunity to create relevant content for your clients or any potential clients that may visit your site.

You can use this as a marketing tactic in your strategy to drive traffic to your website, you can also make your blog posts the foundation of your social media.

So, if you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you can post links to your blogs with relevant visuals to drive traffic to your website.

Cost Effective.

Certain marketing tactics, like billboard ads, mailed brochures and magazine ads are costly, and can quickly eat up your marketing budget.

Blogging however, is cost effective marketing, that can potentially offer even better results than outbound tactics.

And writing the blogs yourself is completely free, so for small and medium sized businesses with a smaller budget is more cost effective and is critical to marketing efforts.

Increase Your SEO.

Blogs can help increase your business’s SEO, fresh content is still a key to rising above your competitors in Search Engines results pages.

Include keywords in your blogs as its a significant way in which Google and other search engines find your site for the searched words within your blog.


Develop Better Customer Relationships.

Blogs provide another way in which you can deepen your connections with your customers, your clients or customers are able to get to know your business, products or services if your blog posts include information about your products or services.

It also, like other social media sites, allows your clients or customers to interact with you, by liking your posts, commenting on the posts, etc.

Position Your Brand As An Industry Leader.

Well written blogs demonstrate your company as an industry leader, by posting topics that resonate with your market and also show your knowledge and skills for your business, services or products too. Doing so will not only spread the word about your offerings but when you will be sending a business proposal to your customers or investors, they will be more open to investing.

Users will get to know you as the knowledge source for products they want, you will build trust too, the more you show that your well clued in within the field, the more likely your clients or customers will trust you for their services.

The Power Of Long Tail Keywords.

Long tail keywords are phrases which don’t get used as much because they do not get much search traffic as much as more generic one word keyword terms.

However they are easier to get to the top of Google for as they are more relevant to your target audience, the reason for this is because most users will search for something in two or three words.

Blogging allows you to fit in those long tail keywords, which allows you to reach your target audience quicker.

You can also use the less competitive versions of the long tail keywords that users will use and rank on Google and other search engines for those too, rather than just focusing on the mail long tail keywords.

Creates Great Content.

Blogging is a way to create content for your website that is informative as well as original content.

You can then share this content on your social media pages as well, as this makes more people aware of your business, but also shares the original and informative content that your business creates.

Users always want to be informed about new topics and always have questions that they would like answered, and a blog allows you to create content based around this.

Creating great content that users find interesting makes then intrigued in what else you have blogged about as well, great content keeps users on your website.

Builds Your Brands Personality.

Writing blogs allows you to put some life and realness into your online profile, because at the end of the day, because real people are behind a website.

Many websites and social media pages are usually kept professional, but a blog gives you the opportunity to let users interact with your business on a more personal, human level.

It is very important to consider your brands personality when writing a blog post, you should make sure your business seems approachable and likeable.

So, in other words it gives users the opportunity to see the other side of your business.

Social Media Connection.

As mentioned in many of the previous reasons, blog posts are something that you can put on your business’s social media pages such as; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Putting your blogs on these social media channels gives you a chance to promote your business in a different way to what you would usually.

Not only this, but because blogging is very interactive as you can like and comment on the blog it connects with social media channels nicely because they are interactive as well.

So, as you can see blogging is still very important for any business to consider doing in order to build the business.

You should start considering a blog for your website in order to build on all of these points, help grow the business and build on the success of the business.


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