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Why companies should invest in SEO

SEO is a powerful marketing tool that can provide numerous significant benefits for your company. Some of these advantages involve your website becoming more visible in search engines, like Google, increase brand awareness, and generate consistent leads, like email enquiries and phone calls.

No matter the field in which you operate in, either you are a builder, a recruitment company, or even a national clothing brand, SEO is essential for helping you achieve valuable new customers non-stop, 24/7.

What a SEO Campaign Should Look Like

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Completing all the SEO tasks in-house can be challenging; in many cases, it’s a better decision to outsource your SEO strategies to an experienced agency that has the know-how and experience to ensure the best results.

Staying on top of Google’s algorithm changes

Google is frequently changing its algorithms, having significant impacts on website rankings. Some examples were the panda algorithm in 2012 and hummingbird in 2013, but the list continues as we speak.

An experienced marketing agency will stay on top of the latest search engine trends and updates, making sure that your SEO strategy is implemented correctly and providing the best possible results.

A successful search engine optimisation process will include many tasks that should be carefully performed by specialists from each department in the agency to ensure that all the efforts are not in vain.

Don’t pay for cheap SEO that does not offer a return on investment

Unfortunately, you can discover in the market many agencies and freelancers that deliver little to no results. We often hear about companies that pay for cheap SEO services that don’t perform at all.

What is in a successful SEO campaign?

Audit & Site Fixes

Every SEO campaign has different stages; every one with various tasks assigned. The first stage consists of an audit, that has the role of discovering eventual errors on the website. This step will ensure a solid foundation for the next stage.

Research, Planning & Link Building

The following step requires the competitor’s analysis and keyword research. With all this data gathered, in the next stage, the focus will be on content planning, content writing, and link building. These are all complex tasks that require expertise and experience.

When they are implemented correctly, they will provide the best results and an influx of highly qualified traffic. And statistics back up this statement: you should know that the average cost per lead drops 80% after just five months of consistent inbound marketing, proving a high return of investment. For a better understanding, we will briefly overview the main SEO tasks:

Whats included in our Affordable SEO packages

Content planning
Content planning

Business directories
Business directories

Business listing optimisation
Business listing optimisation

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Link building & outreach
Link building & outreach

Social Media optimisation
Social Media optimisation

Blog posting
Blog posting

Site audit / site fixes
Site audit / site fixes

UI / UX Optimisation
UI / UX Optimisation

Finding The Right Affordable SEO That Suits Your Business

Depending on the type of business you manage, they are different types of SEO suitable. For example, local SEO can help your company be found for local services in a specific town and national SEO to can help your business be found for competitive national keywords.

Affordable Local SEO

Local SEO will help your business to be found in the search results and in the map listings provided by Google when your potential customers will search for your service+the area in which you operate. This is a powerful asset that will make it easy for clients that have a real interest in your products/services and find you quickly.

Affordable National SEO

On the other hand, national search engine optimisation will help your business to be displayed in the search engine when are performed highly searched national keywords, such as ‘buy insurance online.’ This is a powerful asset that will help your company to stand out in front of your competitors and in the attention of your potential customers.

Both local SEO and national SEO are essential, and when they are executed flawlessly, they can drive you tons of valuable customers. The benefits of a well-implemented SEO campaign are numerous, and the most important one is that it will boost your sales and profits, taking your business to the next level.

Our Affordable SEO Agency

We have a team of experienced SEO specialists that can help you reach your goals and skyrocket the conversions. We offer a full range of services performed by professionals, including on-page SEO, technical error specialists, and link building experts.

We certainly are not the cheapest SEO agency on the market, but we know the full scale of what goes on a successful SEO campaign, and we can guarantee you will be amazed by the results.

If you are looking for affordable SEO for your business, we encourage you to give us a call. We can do a full site audit for FREE and discuss more of what’s involved in getting you to the top.

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