Google Manual or Algorithmic Penalty

If your website has recently lost rankings for your important keywords, and this has subsequently lead to a loss of business and revenue, it is likely that this will be a result from an algorithmic or manual penalty that Google has imposed.

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a “major” algorithmic update (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects search results in significant ways. Major algorithmic changes have had massive impact on methods of Search Engine Optimisation, which had been effective in the past. Whether through algorithmic filters or manual penalties, these alterations to the system has impacted how well your website organically ranks using the old approaches.

The whole face of Search Engine Optimisation has changed.  With the methods that had previously worked wonders for your website being scrutinised by Google, it is important to fix any trace of old tactics and implement a new strategy to restore the traffic to your website. This process will require the removal of links, which conflict with the new algorithm and other strategies to let your website correlate with the latest algorithmic updates. The ultimate goal is to restore the effectiveness of your website and have Google’s penalty revoked.

Our 4 Step Google Penalty Removal Process

Manual Link Analysis

We start the process by manually analysing your backlink profile, reviewing each and every link against Google’s quality guidelines. What makes our service unique is that we manually review each link ensuring that we keep the good and remove only the bad. No machine analysis is used to assess your links.

Link Removal & Disavow

Next we harvest email addresses for the offending domains and begin outreach to the relevant webmasters, requesting removal or editing of the bad links. We report this process for Google’s reference in the reconsideration request. In addition to removing links, we also document and submit a comprehensive disavow file through WMT to ensure that all bad links are covered.

 Reconsideration & Success

Once the necessary work has been done, we submit a reconsideration request to Google with all the information they want to see. We then await their response, which typically takes 2 weeks. If the reconsideration request is rejected, we repeat the process until the penalty is lifted without any extra charges.

Penalty Lifted

Hooray! The penalty is revoked. Are you ready to get your penalty lifted? Get in touch with us for a FREE, no-obligation assessment and quotation. Simply fill in the form below.

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