Brand Development

Your company’s branding is what sets you apart from your competitors. It is important to promote a brand that is both distinctive and reflective of your business’ ethos.

Brand development is not strictly limited to building a logo; it incorporates your whole visual identity as a company. We have a creative team of designers who will work with you to cultivate a brand strategy that will make your company become instantly recognisable.

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Logo Design

We can design a new logo for your company. Our creative graphic designers can create a professional and distinct logo, which will become an essential commodity for your company’s branding. This logo is optimised so that it can be scaled and printed at any size. The logo can be printed on a letterhead, a banner, side of your vehicle or onto a t-shirt, which will allow you to give your logo maximum exposure.

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With a logo that you already use or one that we have created for you, we can design a letterhead that will be displayed on the top of the letters, which are sent to your clients and customers. By incorporating your company’s logo, colours and contact information, we will generate a professional letterhead for you to use when are sending company letters.

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Compliment Slips

Using your company’s logo, we can design a compliment slip for your company. These slips will incorporate your logo, your company colours and contact information, which will be ready to be sent to your customers. When the compliment slips are completed, they are available to be printed and can be used immediately.


Brochures can be created to have detailed information regarding your company’s background and the services that they provide. From the wording contained within the brochure, the layout, and printing of the brochure, we will take command at any point to ensure you are provided with a professional brochure that contains all the relevant information for your company.


Leaflets are an important aspect of advertising. We can design a leaflet that catches the attention of a potential client. Depending on what part of your business that you are advertised, we will design a leaflet that integrates your company logo, as well as your company’s colour. It is fundamental to have an eye-catching leaflet and our designers can provide you with one.