How do I transfer my domain name?

There are two methods to transfer your domain name over to One Base Media.

  • External transfer

This will involve contacting your current domain provider and asking them to change the IPS TAG to 123-REG. By doing so, it will transfer the domain name over to our control and will allow us to upload your website.

Once you have requested the IPS TAG change, please contact us to confirm the process has been initiated.

  • Internal Transfer

This method is used for people who are currently using 123-REG. To initiate the internal transfer, you will need to;

  • Log onto your 123-REG account.
  • Under the domain management tab select ‘Internal’ under ‘Domain Transfers’.
  • Select the domain name that you wish to transfer and enter the username: marlon0929
  • Click ‘Request Transfer’.
  • Confirm with One Base Media that you have initiated the transfer.

How do I send my files to One Base Media?

Keep your website up with your latest images of recent work by following these steps;

  • Click on our ‘Support Ticket’ button in the top right of our website or alternatively on the link provided here.
  • Fill in the details required.
  • Attach the files that you wish to send over to us.
  • Our Changes team will then upload and place the files onto your website.

If you would like your files to be uploaded to specific pages, then include directions on the ticket.

What is the difference between pointing your Nameservers and pointing your A records/ MX records separately?

If you want to keep your domain name in your own control panel, but are looking for us to host the website and/or emails for them, we would use of the process of ‘pointing’ their domain towards our server.

Pointing nameservers

Pointing the nameservers will point everything to do with the domain name towards hosting, which includes what we will be displayed on the internet when visiting the domain name and their email addresses that are linked to the domain name (i.e.

Pointing MX/A Records

Nameservers are built up with individual records (A records, MX records, CNAME, TXT, SRV) so by only pointing (changing) one of these records we isolate that record and point it our server leaving the others untouched.

We only deal with MX and A records

MX Records: This is record that deals with emails. A common occurrence is that a customer wants us to manage their website, but leave their emails where they are. We can do this by getting them to either transfer their domain to us and when updating the settings, we leave this record pointing to the old domain holder, or…

A Records: If the customer only wants us dealing with the site and not the emails, we usually request that they contact their current provider and ask them to change the A Record to point towards our hosting.