Some Creative Mail Marketing Ideas

mail marketing ideas

Mail Marketing is perhaps still one of the most powerful marketing tools in use today. Very few other marketing tools are able to deliver your message with exact precision at such a low cost.

All businesses should consider mail marketing in their marketing strategy if you want your marketing to be successful and have an impact!

Do you need some help with your mail marketing ideas? Do they need to be more creative in order to have the effect you want the campaign to have?

Below is all the information you need in order to create the perfectly creative mail marketing campaign for your recipients.

Creative Mail Marketing Ideas.

There are ways in which you are able to make your mail marketing more creative. Creativity is more likely to grab people’s attention. So as a business you should spend some time gathering different ideas you have for the mail marketing campaign, before deciding on a final campaign idea.

Some creative mail marketing ideas include:

  • Pop Up Cards.
  • Changing Picture Mailers.
  • Expanding Mailers.
  • Pop Up Mailers.
  • Bespoke Mailers.

Real Business Mail Marketing Examples.

Many different businesses have considered different creative mail marketing ideas when creating their own; here are four examples of different businesses that have used creative mail marketing ideas for their campaigns:

Bodog Casino – They created a direct mail campaign to people who gambled a lot of money in traditional casinos. Their campaign was offering $100 free upon signing up.

However to make this campaign a little more creative they decided to create a mock wallet with their brand logo and name on the front with a replica $100 bill enclosed stating the offer on hand.
Bodog used an expanding mailer idea for their campaign.

WWF – They sent out a T-shirt with instructions (The Challenge, The Payoff, The Rules and The Deadline. The concept was to get people to create their own T-shirt design. WWF would then choose 20 designs, print them off and feature them on the website.

WWF took an unusual mail marketing idea by making their campaign a little more personal for the recipient.

Green Belgium Mailing – To mark World Water Day, they created this mailing campaign to be sent to companies and the press. The letter inside is only able to be read when held under water – proving that water really is the source of all knowledge.

Although Green Belgium Mailing took a simple mail marketing idea, they made it intriguing and creative by having to make the recipient do something in order to see their message.Santos Sabores – Their campaign was created for their opening day, it had to be something that wasn’t too expensive and included a few communication pieces.

They created the concept: ‘A BREATH – TAKING EVENT’, where they decided to use balloons in their mail marketing idea.

  • For Press Release (Journalists): They decided to enclose the invitation inside the blown balloon, encouraging them to pop the balloon to see their invitation, all these were hand delivered.
  • Drop Mail for Potential Clients: This was a sent invitation with a balloon attached, encouraging people to take their balloon to the open event with them, and receive a present in return.
  • The V.I.P Invitation: V.I.P’s got an invitation in a golden envelope with a golden balloon. Later on people were surprised with a balloon release and with their own balloon full of gifts.

Santos Sabores created a mail marketing campaign with an intended gift, the balloon being the gift for their receivers.

Benefits of Mail Marketing.

There are many benefits of mail marketing, which therefore makes it a marketing technique that you should always consider when deciding on a marketing idea. Here are the key benefits of mail marketing:

  • Stand Out from the Crowd – Direct mail is felt; recipients establish a bond with your brand just by opening the package/mail. A way in which you can stand out is send lumpy mail, this is sending a gift within your mail marketing message such as; a sand timer, mini flashlights, etc. Lumpy mail will increase a person’s curiosity.
  • Highly Targeted – You are able to make sure your mail marketing is highly targeted. Knowing where potential customers live tells you a lot about them, such as; income, possible interests, etc. Always do research beforehand; you can never have too much information.
  • Direct Mail will be Opened – Direct mail has a higher likelihood of being opened than email… Why? Your brand is physically entering the recipients home, meaning that direct mail seems much more like an invitation and much less like spam as long as it’s done correctly.
  • Cost-Effective – Mail marketing is extremely cost-effective, meaning it can be used by every business. You can easily design colourful or eye-appealing mail marketing campaigns with software on your computer, and then have thousands of copies printed affordably by a print vendor.

Mail Marketing Secrets.

There are a few mail marketing secrets that you must consider when creating a mail marketing campaign, considering these may be the difference between a good or bad result! Here are some of the mail marketing secrets that you should consider:

  • Open with a Proposition: Consumers have short attention spans, so don’t build excitement to your proposition, just open with it! This will engage the recipient quicker, plus it enables you to see if there is value in your proposition and if it’s worth sending to potential customers.
  • Include Product Samples: By including product samples it makes the mail campaign you have sent to recipients more valuable, as it also acts as a trial tool. This means the recipients won’t see the mail as a nuisance.
  • Make Mailers Creative: The key is what you decide to send out! So make sure you think about it. Send a more creative message to fewer people; it’s about quality not quantity.
  • Provide Value: As a business you must deliver some kind of real value within your mail marketing that also delivers your brand message. You do not want to be labelled ‘junk mail’.
  • Use a Stamp: Recipients are able to tell when something they have received has been mass-mailed. Making the envelope look like it came from a person rather than a machine, will increase the chances you have of it being opened. For example; use a font that looks more like handwriting rather than a typed text.

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