The Best Christmas Adverts 2016

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The Best Christmas Adverts 2016

Each year companies invest millions of pounds into Christmas marketing, we have a run down of some of the best Christmas adverts of 2016.

Marks & Spencer – Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

Starting off with a stylish Christmas campaign by M&S. This year their advert had Mrs Claus as the star of a show, where she helps to make peace between a young boy, Jake, and his sister called Anna. The advert was directed by Tom Hooper, director of King’s Speech.

Heathrow Airport – Coming home for Christmas

Heathrow airport has joined in with the battle of the Christmas adverts with their very first Christmas advert, which is heartwarming for the whole family. The viewers watch the journey of two teddy bears going home through Heathrow airport.With a little twist at the end, this advert is considered on the top of the list for one of the best Christmas adverts this year.

Aldi – Kevin the carrot

Aldi’s unusual, yet funny, take on this Christmas advert can easily become your new favourite. It features a carrot called Kevin, who is eager to meet Father Christmas and so takes on the difficult trek across the dinner table to meet him.

Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift

Said to be a lot of people’s favourite Christmas advert of this year, Sainsbury’s had a cartoon musical with James Corden singing as the lead character, called Dave. The story of the advert was that Dave had trouble managing multiple tasks that needed to be done by Christmas. But in the end he realised that the greatest gift to give is actually himself. – Get more out of giving

On the topic of gift giving, online retailers have also realised that emotions are extremely powerful when it comes to video marketing. The advert is a cartoon, featuring a woman giving out presents on her way home from work, with her heart beside her growing bigger with every present she gives out. The message of the advert emphasises the importance of family and that warm feeling of giving gifts.

John Lewis – Buster the dog

The department stores advert featured a selection of wild animals and a pet dog named Buster jumping on a trampoline, which was assembled as a Christmas present for a six-year-old girl called Summer when she woke on Christmas day.


A very clever advert which is raking up a lot of views all over social media, shows a Polish grandpa learning English by a language kit purchased from Allegro. You can see him go about his days and his journey across the world to meet someone very special.

Alzheimer’s Research – Santa Forgot

Narrated by Stephen Fry, this Christmas advert shows the terrible effects that dementia has on an individual, by creating a world where Santa forgets to supply children with presents on Christmas eve. It hits home for a lot of family and friends that have someone with dementia in their life, and encourages people to donate money to research to cure it.

McDonald’s – The Doll

An unexpected Christmas advert from Mcdonald’s, makes viewers empathise for the doll that won’t be purchased in a toy store. She dreams of going across the street to Mcdonald’s where she can be taken home for the Christmas season.

Waitrose – Home for Christmas

A robin travels in all kinds of weather, across the country land and sea, to reach a young girl’s home where she is waiting for the robin’s annual arrival.

The importance of video marketing

We could easily go on about all the reasons why video marketing is important, but for now we shall only mention two. The first benefit of using videos is that it is a form of separating you from your competitors. It can give you that edge that convinces your potential customers to go to you instead of your rivals.

Not only that, videos can help draw in more people to your business. Nowadays our attention span is rather short and so it can be more difficult to capture people’s attention. But using videos can capture this niche of people. Especially those online consumers that are on the go and don’t have the time or need to want to read text. So it is time to invest!

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