10 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Instagram Following


Instagram has become a very popular social media platform, it has been ranked 8th on eBizMBA Rank. It is popular for both personal and business users, but it is not always given the attention it needs in order to be an effective way of reaching customers and potential customers.

So does your Instagram need attention? Do you need help in increasing your Instagram following?
Here are 10 surefire ways that will help improve and grow your Instagram following.

Post on the Right Days and Time.

Are you posting on your Instagram profile on the right days at the right time?

Instagram posting times as well as the days you decide to post is key. This is because Instagram seems to be more popular on these particular days and times.

Keeping both of these in mind when posting on Instagram will increase the chances of your content being seen.

Research shows that these certain days and times get more attention on Instagram than others, these include:

  • Mondays at 12pm
  • Tuesdays past 10pm
  • Saturdays at 6pm

Do research for your business, because your type of content will determine when it is best to post, so by doing your own research you are able to get an idea of when it is best to post on your Instagram profile.

Create a Theme.

Give your customers and potential customers something that they will fall in love with!
Creating a theme on Instagram keeps it consistent and helps grab constant attention on a daily basis to your page.

Once you’ve settled on a theme, be sure that you stick to it. If you go off your theme it may discourage users, having an effect on your profiles following.

An example of a company doing this very well. @mvmtwatches


Go and Add Some Emojis.

Use emojis throughout your Instagram, they have become a universal method of expression for most people.

Instagram has reported that almost 50% of users on Instagram use emojis within their captions and comments.

So continuously have a few in your captions and comments, that are relevant with what you are posting, they clearly attract attention and response from users.

Some users will even use them in their username as they feel it grabs more interest, maybe this should be something you consider for your own profile username.

Use the Right Filters.

Always consider the most attractive filters, the Instagram community are known to respond better to certain filters compared to others.

Using these filters will attract more engagement, interest and following to your profile.
There are a few filters that are most popular among Instagram users. These include:

  • Valencia
  • Earlybird
  • Rise


Geotag your Photos.

Start geotagging on Instagram, by doing this it will allow other people who have used the same geotag as you to see the photos you have posted.

Geotag enables you to connect with people in which you have something in common with.
Following on from this it will also mean you can reach a wider audience increasing potential engagement and following.

Always Share the Love.

Make sure you spend some time each day just hanging out and enjoying Instagram in general.
Go and respond to comments, like photos, follow new people and comment on other posts. Spending this time will end up paying off for you because it will help increase engagement and potential following.
It will also show to customers and potential customers you are very active on your Instagram account, which will increase their interest in your profile.

Use the Right Hashtag.

The overall goal you have is to continue to engage with your audience while also growing your following.

If people were to click on a particular hashtag and you had used that in a caption for a particular photo it will appear on their feed of photos for that hashtag. Therefore hashtagging your photos is extremely important.

Instagram users will favour certain hashtags over others, so be sure to use the right hashtags to gain the new users attention and to be discovered.

Popular hashtags on Instagram include;

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #follow
  • #photooftheday
  • #beautiful

use the right hashtags

Steal your Competitors Followers.

Do your competitors have an Instagram account?

If so look at their Instagram accounts and engage with their audience, at the end of the day their audience has already shown a level of interest in you by following your competitors.

By stealing competitors followers on Instagram it allows you to become more popular among your audience, increasing their level of engagement with you and leading to them following you too.

To do this you could;

  • Follow a user
  • Like a photo
  • Comment on a photo

steel your competitions followers

Link your Instagram Account to your Other Networks.

Linking Instagram to other social media, such as; Facebook and Twitter will help users on different networks come across your Instagram account.

This could then mean that they choose to follow your Instagram profile as well as following your other Social Media platforms to receive as much content as possible.

You are easily able to link your Instagram account to your other social media networks through your Instagram profile. In order to do this you:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and tap in the top right.
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Linked Accounts’, then select Facebook.
  • Your Instagram account will link to your personal Facebook Timeline automatically.

Post Consistently.

Consistency on Instagram is key to creating engagement on your profile and gaining followers.
You should post at least once a day, this allows you to always be on the users feed, which will increase the likeliness of someone ‘loving’ your posts and following your profile to see future content.

Instagram accounts that have a higher number of followers tend to post more, up to 2 or 3 times a day on average, so make sure you consider this.

Have you got a large number of followers? If you do… Post more content!

Remember the more work you put in, the more followers and return engagement you’ll get out of it, so in the end it will be worth all the attention given to your profile.

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