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The internet is filled with over a billion websites, all for different purposes and each hosted by different companies.

You may be wondering to yourself “what is web hosting and how does it work?” and because of this, we will be answering that specific question, along with providing you with information on five different website host checker tools.

What is web hosting?

To begin with, web hosting is extremely important and beneficial, since it is what gets your website on the internet.

There are several different types of web hosting services:

Free Website Hosting

Free web hosting is when you build your own website through another domain. Often people do this when they want to build a website for fun, usually these sites won’t offer their visitors any services, which means it may be a blog or a photography website etc. The website server provides this for free, as they will put their own advertisement somewhere on your website unless you pay for using their services, in which case this advertisement will be removed.

While this can be a convenient way of creating your own website, the downside is that your website may run slowly.

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is when a business supports several different websites from a singular web server. All of the business’s resources are shared out between the customers, whose websites they are hosting.
While this can be handy since it works out cheaper due to the price being shared between you and the other customers, the downside is that your website can be slower.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting takes aspects from both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Many people find VPS hosting extremely beneficial, because while you are still sharing the memory with other users, you still have your own particular server which you can design, along with owning your own resources that no one else is able to use.

This option is usually used by small businesses who cannot afford their own dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is when you are hosting your own website and have all of your own resources to do the job. While the benefits of working this way, mean that your website’s performance will be quicker, along with the fact that when you come across a problem then you can fix it right away, the downside it that it can take a lot of time and effort on your behalf, plus it can be costly with the server operation.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation web hosting is seen as a cost-effective way to run a website, due to the fact that you are keeping your server in someone else’s storage.

You have full control of your website, with the added bonus of security and often the data centres have engineers who can help you should anything go wrong.

The downside is it can sometimes be a bit costly choosing this option due to you needing to pay for all of your own hardware, which also means you have to pay for any updates.

Why do I need web hosting?

Website hosting services are extremely important. From keeping information up to date on your website, to ensuring that your website is running smoothly, even down to making your website – whether it be a big company or a small local shop – easily found and accessible on the internet so that your business can grow in popularity.

No matter whether you are trying to find out who hosts a websites, deciding who the best web hosting company is, or if you are thinking to yourself “where is my website hosted?”, these following links will provide you with the answer to your questions.

Here are five tools to check website hosting:




Geotool is an amazing website, which will not only tell you who is hosting your website, but it will also provide you with a list of other pieces of valuable information, such as IP addresses, the location of the site, the time zone and much more information.

To give you an example of how their tool works, they display information further down on their main page, such as who hosts this site, their country, postal code, IP address etc.




Check-host target many different areas of web information:

  • Info – information about a website such as IP addresses, host name and location along with much more information.
  • Ping – This helps in finding out how reachable the host is.
  • HTTP – Helps to check the website’s performance and the response time.
  • TCP port – By using this tool, you are able to check to see if the web host has a TCP connection
  • DNS – Finds information on the host name and IP, along with viewing to see if there have been any updates on their DNS records.
  • Subnet Calculator – This tool is able to convert IP addresses to CIDR and vice-versa.

Whether you want to find out the IP and the host name location, how easy the website is to reach, or website monitoring – there are many different tools on this website all there, ready to help out their clients.

Hosting Checker:



While this tool is not specifically made to find out information about your own website, Hosting Checker does help by providing you with information on any domain you type in.
It helps to inform you on the age of the domain, along with the location of the website or domain, its IP address, if they are IP blacklisted, along with many other pieces of useful information.

Domain Tools:



Through the use of this website, you can find out about the people or organisations who are hosting a particular domain name or IP address, along with being able to connect the dots between other domains and organisations.

The advantage of Domain Tools is that it is known for being “fast and free”, with many people relying on it, such as leading corporations and even cyber-crime investigators.




WhoIsHostingThis? is all about helping their visitors with finding a reliable web host, which is why they offer you the chance to find out about the hosts, IP address, servers along with much more information about different websites. You can read up on the public’s web hosting reviews on different web hosts along with viewing the rating out of five stars. This is definitely a popular, efficient and reliable host checker.

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