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Websites are constantly evolving through time and it is important to make sure you stay up to date with the latest trends and selling techniques, which is why today, we are informing you about the importance of calls to action.

What are “calls to action”?

Calls to action (otherwise known as CTA) are buttons that are featured on majority of websites, especially ones selling products or services.

This form of button is important as it gives the customer an instruction that you want them to take, for instance “add to basket”, “buy now” or “start your free trial”.

What do call to action buttons look like?

CTA buttons are usually shaped as a long rectangle with a short sentence in the centre, e.g. “add to bag”. They are usually bright with bold text, marked clearly on the page as their aim is to get people’s attention.

How do call to action buttons work?

CTA buttons work because of the use of the instruction that is written on them. The instruction gets the customer to consider if they should take that course of action with just a simple click.

They are there to try to entice visitors to buy their products, with snappy phrases such as “add to cart”, “buy now” or “start your free trial”.

Here’s An Example


Even down to websites trying to encourage visitors to receive their newsletters with two simple words on a button telling you to “sign up”.

Social media even uses this action scheme with the famous “like” and “follow” buttons.

Why are call to action buttons used?

CTA buttons are used because they gain attention from their bold appearance.

They stand out from the page with their bright colours and bold, clear writing ensuring that they can’t be missed.

When should I use a call to action button?

In cases such as selling products, persuading visitors to sign up to your website and encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletter, you should use a CTA button as it influences the customers to take these forms of action.

How do I target my customers?

Each and every customer is different and there are a million different marketing strategies due to the amount of products and services that are being sold.

Therefore, when it comes to trying to target customers with CTA buttons, there is not a specific rule on how to do this.

What we recommend is that you experiment with different designs and ask for opinions from friends and colleagues, before taking the action that you feel is best.

Here are a few rules to follow when adding CTA buttons onto your website:

  • Keep it short – Keep the text on the CTA button brief otherwise too much text will stop the button from doing its job effectively. Preferably use no more than five words.
  • First person – After further research, it has been found that by speaking in first person e.g. “Start my free trial” leads to a higher percentage of people following the instruction.
  • Create a contrast – What point is a CTA button if you can’t see it? make sure it is in a colour that clearly stands out from the rest of the page.
  • Clear the clutter – Do not cause the mistake of making your page look too cluttered, especially around the CTA button. Clear organisation is always the best and most presentable route to take.
  • Negative space – Make sure there is enough negative space around the page to make the button stand out.

Explain yourself

Often on websites where they want you to sign up or take a free trial, their CTA buttons will say a bit more than just “start your trial”, they might say “Join free for a month”. Instead of saying “order now” why not say “cook my order” if you are a takeaway website. Get creative and have a bit of fun!

The importance of information

Don’t be stingy with your information.

If you want a customer to buy a product or to sign up for a service, it is understandable for the customer to want to find out a bit more information before they sign up. Having a “find out more” button is popular for a lot of websites and will improve your customer service skills as it shows the customers that you are not trying to hide anything.

Looks matter

Customers like to do as little work as possible when they use a website, which is why it is important to make your CTA buttons easy to find. While it is important for your button to stand out from the page and be big enough to draw attention, at the same time there is such a thing as making your point too obvious.


I would recommend making the button no bigger than six centimetres wide and one centimetre in height. Clear enough to see on the website, but not so big that it puts the customer off. However, you must always consider the purpose of your CTA button before settling, since buttons to buy products will be smaller than buttons to sign up to websites etc.

Another size guide to go by, is if you have other buttons already on your webpage then make sure your CTA button is larger than the ones already present.

Design your button

There is also the matter of deciding on a shape for your button. Many places use rectangle buttons, but a lot also have buttons with rounded sides or corners. With this situation, it is up to you to decide what is best. I feel the rounded sides gives the button a friendlier and more appealing look, but it all depends on what your website style is like.

If you want to give your website a creative and inventive look, then you could be unusual and have a picture on your button instead, like a silhouette or a stencil drawing with a description below it.
Other options for your button design would be to use an icon, but make sure that it relates to the buttons purpose so you don’t confuse the customer.

Personalise your website

It is important to remind yourself that your website is something fun that you can personalise. So rather than on your CTA buttons, writing something basic and boring like “Buy Now” why not have a bit of fun and write “Add To Your Basket” or even “Place In Your Trolley”.


Urgency – when not over used – can be a great tactic to drive the customers to follow your instructions.

For instance, if you have got a special offer on some products, writing something like “Sale ends in 24 hours” beside the call to action button, could raise the amount of sales you earn as it is making the customers feel under pressure to make a quick decision.

Too many options

While people like to be given options, there is such a thing as providing too many options. When this happens, there is less of a chance that your customer will pick one of them and more of a chance that they will leave your website altogether.

Save yourself the hassle and only create a maximum of three CTA buttons.

When using multiple buttons

When using multiple buttons on your page, for instance “add to wish list” and “buy now” make sure you set them apart, by making the buttons two separate colours.

As the action “buy now” button is the option you want the customers to take, you need to make the button appear bolder and more easily seen compared to the other, along with putting this button first so that it is the first option to be seen by the customer, while placing the second option either beside it or underneath.

If you were the customer…

If you were the customer, ask yourself what would you want to read on that call to action button.
Would you want to be given an order as to what action you should take, or would you rather be given a suggestion?

Instead of writing “get”, “receive” could be a better choice of words in different situations.
Also consider the style, design and arrangement of you website. What look would stand out from the crowd and look the most outstanding for your customers, since it is them who are bringing in the money for your company.

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