What is Domain Authority And How Does it Affect My Website


What Is Domain Authority

If you’ve been looking into improving SEO for your website, you might have come across the term domain authority. It’s a one hundred score developed by the SEO agency, Moz. You can use the score to help you measure how well a site is performing online. Thus, you can find out whether your website is even close to achieving a position on page one of Google SERPs.

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How It Works

There are multiple ways that you can use the domain authority ranking. You can use it to compare your website to your competition. For instance, you might have discovered that a competitor is higher up in the SERPs than your business. You may also use it to track the web strength of your website over a certain period. Therefore, you could use the score to establish whether or not a new marketing campaign is proving to be effective.

Domain authority is worked out using over forty different inputs. By doing this, the domain ranking can be used to accurately calculate the SEO potential of a site. However, it’s important to realise that domain scores often fluctuate. This means it is far more useful for making direct comparisons between other sites rather than as an internal measurement.

Due to the large range of quantities, the score is based on a logarithmic scale. As such, it’s easier to achieve progression at a lower level than it would be at a more advanced stage. You might be wondering if your domain score could affect your SEO.

What Is Domain Authority

This short video explains about what the domain authority is

SEO And Domain Authority

Using domain authority, you can boost the SEO of your website. You can do this by using the score to analyse different sites. You can then decide which sites you should use to build backlinks. Remember, stronger domains will lead to greater increases in search ranking. This is just one of the ways website owners and marketers can benefit from domain authority scores.

You can also use domain authority to find and target trusted sites. Trusted sites are web pages that customers and users trust as sources of information. As such, you want your business linked to pages from these sites. There are multiple ways to target these sites, but first, you need to locate them.

Website owners may also want to use domain authority scores to remove bad links from their sites. Bad links to websites that are not trusted will be dragging your ranking down. Check the links on your site and look at the scores. If they are low, remove and replace them. If you’re not sure how to do this, the best option is to use a professional SEO agency. They will be able to target the worst links on your site and replace them with stronger alternatives.

Finally, don’t aim too high with your domain authority. It’s important to realise that a domain authority of 100 is incredibly difficult to achieve. Only sites like Facebook gain this status so don’t be surprised if you never reach that level. Also, due to the numerous factors it employs affecting the score directly is a challenge. Instead, you need to focus on different areas of your SEO campaign to boost the level.

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