What Is Web Hosting?

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website hosting

When you want to launch a website, it’s helpful to learn some basic terms and concepts. They help you understand the technical side of owning a website, which can really be useful. Web hosting is one of the important concepts it’s beneficial to understand. If you are hiring a web designer, you have probably read that you need a web hosting service. It’s a fundamental part of your website and understanding how it works makes it easier to work with your designer.

Web hosting is the service that you use to put your website on the internet. You could think of it a bit like a noticeboard. You want to pin up a note, but you need a board to “host” your note for you. A web hosting service provides you with the technology necessary for your site to be created and seen by others. Your website will be hosted on their servers, for which you will usually need a separate domain name too. A good web design service can take care of all of this for you, along with building your website.

Web hosting services have lots of servers so that they can store many websites. A server is a high-powered computer connected to a network. The web hosting service doesn’t just store websites, but also helps to speed them up and keep them secure. There are different types of web hosting, which might mean you share a server with other websites or get your own server.

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