What Is a Domain Name?

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domain names

A concept that you need to understand is the domain name. Once we have set up your website hosting service, you also need a domain. That’s the address of your website that you type into the address bar to go to it. Your domain name corresponds to your website’s IP address, which is assigned when we buy your domain. When you type in a domain name, your browser uses a DNS (domain name server) to match it up to your site’s IP address. This finds the server that hosts your website. As well as using your domain for your website, you can also use the name for your business email.

When we have finished setting up your website, we can find an available domain name. Fortunately, you have many options. You can use a domain service to find one that you want. It’s a good idea to have a few things in mind so you can test them out. If what you want is already in use, there a couple of options. If you really want it, it is sometimes possible to buy it off the person who already owns it. You can also use the same name but select from a range of options including .com, .org, .net and more. However, you might want to avoid this if you don’t want to create confusion.

We renew your web hosting and your domain name every year.

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