8 Apps To Increase Your Productivity

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apps for productivity

We are very busy nowadays and finding the right tools can easily help us boost our productivity and relieve the pressure. With the right apps you can get the job done faster and there will be no more stress to begin with. That’s why you should consider using these great applications if you want to increase productivity as that’s well worth it.


This tool allows you to access your files anywhere you want, create backups and store them online. The solution also allows you to sync and modify these files whenever you want which makes it easy for you if you work on the same files at work and at home

Rescue Time

What you will like about Rescue Time is the fact that it allows you to track what apps you use the most and which are the major distractions that you have on a daily basis. Thanks to its reports you can figure out what hampers your productivity so you can address it properly.


Evernote helps you track ideas, share them with others and keep them in an environment where it will sync with any other computers that you own. It’s the ultimate tool for productivity buffs and it does wonders for creatives as well.

Any Do

Any Do is a stellar solution for people that just want to track their to do list in a simple environment. If you are a very busy person you need a great to do list and this one is right up your alley for sure.


The app uses a Pomodoro technique that will allow you to take breaks when needed and work according to your own needs. A nice alternative to this application is Tomighty which is open source, you can download it from.


What makes Mailbird special is the fact that it seamlessly integrates with Windows 10 and it offers notifications on the fly, you can add integrated apps for Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and others without a problem. It’s the ultimate productive center and one of the best mail clients out there.


Pocket allows you to save links that you can read at a later time. It’s a great reading list that you can add to and use at any given time which makes it very professional, convenient and just a pleasure to use for sure. You can also use it on mobile which makes it very interesting and fun!


If you have to deal with lots of complex projects, a tool like Basecamp can ease the pain quite a bit. It provides you with immediate access to documents, discussions, files and so on not to mention that it has immediate sharing and other features that help your entire team be more productive.

There are also some other apps that you can use, which include:

No matter what needs you might have, if you are a productive mind then you should consider getting these tools right now. They are versatile, professional and well worth your time. Check them out and you will not regret it!

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