How To Use Instagram For Your Business

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Instagram for business

Social media is the greatest arsenal for the business owner; that’s a fact. Using social media, you can engage an audience and get them more interested in your brand. By doing this, you’ll sell a lot more products to happy consumers and boost business sales. For a marketing team, your clients are going to be ecstatic when they say the impact social media may have. Here’s another fact, the most popular form of social media is sharing images. In fact, image sharing has dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years. Add these two facts together and you get one answer, Instagram. You need to know how to turn this popular site for sharing selfies and pictures of food into the ultimate business tool.

Bro, Do You Even Hashtag?

Hashtags can be annoying. Particularly when they appear on every form of marketing and promotion imaginable. However, there’s a reason that business owners and marketing teams use them so much. They work. If you want an image on your business Instagram to be shared, you better make sure you hashtag the caption. Analysis has shown that images with hashtags are 97 percent more likely to be shared. Remember, when images are shared, more people view your Instagram and see your business profile.

Pictures Must Be Attractive

Of course, it’s not just about hashtags. If you want an image to be shared from your Instagram, it needs to be attractive. Or, at the very least visually interesting. The image needs to connect to your audience in a more personal way, and it can be used to sell a specific product or service. Take a business that sells clothing as an example. This company should be posting pictures on Instagram with stunning models wearing their clothes. They might even want to invest in a professional photographer to take snaps that look stunning. Or, how about a renovator? Renovation experts should be sharing images of a finished project. If it looks amazing, it’s going to get the interest from customers who want the same result.

Partner Up

One of the best forms of publicity is charitable gestures. If your business is engaging in a form of charity, you can bet you’ll get interest from the press and the media. The good news is that you don’t have to set up this form of charity yourself. Instead, you can connect with a specific charity that shares your values or is connected to your product. You can then market this connection with a joint campaign that markets both your business and their charity. For instance, a food company could show how they are working with charities to encourage kids to eat healthier. Not only is this a positive message but it engages with the target consumer of shopping parents.

Don’t Post Junk

Our final tip is a mistake that a number of businesses have made in the past. You should not fill your Instagram with huge amounts of pictures, particularly if they are not relevant or interesting. This is going to dilute the effect of the images that are and make your Instagram look bland and boring. Instead, focus on posting photos that could have a huge impact.

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