The Power Of Video Marketing

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Your social networks are full of videos and so are the online shopping sites that you visit often. The websites of newspapers, businesses, even social and governmental organisations have a few videos tucked in strategically. While scrolling down your favorite sites you will notice that videos get more attention from you as compared to the text or pictures. Have you ever wondered why is it so, and how marketers are taking this behavior into account and launching more videos as part of their marketing campaigns? Because if a word is, well, worth a word and a picture worth a thousand words, then a video is probably worth a hundred times more!

Human brains are wired to process images faster than words and if those images are moving and narrating a story with interesting music in the background, they will definitely get greater attention. Statistics show that people would much rather watch a video than read text about a product or a service, there are higher number of visitors to the sites that have video content than those that don’t, and search engines also rank the sites with videos higher than those where only text dominates. Marketers who use video content as a part of their marketing strategy are more successful in getting their message across too as target customers report that they would much rather show interest in the product that has a demo video than the one that doesn’t. No wonder then that video marketing is seeing so much action!

Videos are engaging and can hold the consumer interest for long; and the popularity of social media has improved their worldwide reach. An engaging video, no matter what the language, is watched in various parts of the world because of the emotions that resonate there. The power of video marketing is such that it can be shared multiple times and create a market in totally unexpected regions. Besides being an integral part of the multi-media marketing strategy of any company that wants to penetrate a market, video marketing is popular also because of the relatively low cost of video technology.

Video marketing is for all businesses, big or small, as it can significantly increase the opportunity in a given market in spite of the low production cost involved. If the message is powerful and the content creative, video marketing has the potential to single-handedly catapult the product or service it is advertising to a significantly higher platform. The fact that marketers across the world are indulging in it just proves the point!

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